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Film Fallout Podcast #69 – The Bad Batch of Transformers

The Bad Batch
(The Bad Batch, Annapurna Pictures)

There is more than meets the eye with this week’s podcast. By that, we mean there’s a lot that we talk about. Christopher Cross and Dylan Schwan review Ana Lily Amirpour’s The Bad Batch starring Suki Waterhouse and a cannibal Jason Momoa. We talk about the weirdness of the film, its style over substance approach, and why sometimes just a cool aesthetic is not enough to sustain a film.

Dylan also saw a lot over the week, including the entire first season of Glow, as well as Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press, and Berlin Syndrome. Meanwhile, both Chris and Dylan watched Shimmer Lake and Chris spent most of his week watching all the Transformers movies including Transformers: The Last Knight. That’s a lot of stuff to talk about and still the podcast managed to be under 90 minutes!

There’s also our usual Blu-ray releases of the week, including our pick, Straw Dogs on Criterion. The news starts off with a showstopper by talking about a sequel to The Accountant being a thing, and we discuss the announcement of Ron Howard as the replacement for Lord and Miller on the Han Solo film. Really, there’s a lot to talk about this week and we did our best to keep it nice and succinct because next week we’re going to have plenty of new movies to dissect. We’ll be reviewing Baby Driver for sure, but expect discussion of The Big Sick as well as probably some Beguiled and Okja talk.

Give a listen to this week’s podcast below:

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