Five Myths about Online Slots

When you are about to expect some wins while you are spinning the reels and suddenly the results turn out to be different from you expect. This can be heartbreaking sometimes. While you are investing your time and money into slot games online, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are no strategies to win any rewards at slot games. However, if you want to try the slot games, choose Pocket Fruity Casino as it offers fantastic gaming options with better payout percentages on slots. In this article, we will reveal the top five myths, which are actually incorrect and will save many of your stakes in the future.

1. The More I Play, the Chances of Winning Big Rewards Are Higher

Most of the casino enthusiasts think that the more time they spend on the slot machines, the more likely they’ll get lucrative results and rewards. Unfortunately, the myth about spending more time on slot machines brings more rewards is incorrect and the rewards are won on a random basis.

2. Offline Slot Machines have Better Payouts

Many players believe that the internet is a not a safe place and the bets that happen on the internet offer lesser payouts than compared to an offline casino. This again is a just a myth and there is no such comparison of which ones are the better in terms of payout. The online slots, in fact, offer a better payout percentage of more than 90% as compared to the offline slots.

3. The Morning Time is the Best time to spin the Reels

Whenever you spin the reels of a slot machine, you need to keep in mind that the results are very unpredictable. The Random Number Generator does not calculate or assume the time that you spend on the games. The results are very independent irrespective of the time that you play them. Whether you play the slots at night or during the morning, the results remain the same.

4. 3‐ Reel Slot Games Offer More Wins

Another popular myth is that the 3‐ reel slot games have better wins and offer more cash payouts than the five‐reel slots. The rewards on both the slot machines are not pre-decided and are just random.

5. The Progressive Jackpot is ready to hit when the Amount Increases

The final and the most deserving myth about online slots is that the progressive jackpot automatically activates when it reaches a higher amount. However, this again is very wrong. The progressive slots follow the same technology of the Random Number Generator and the progressive jackpot amount is not controlled. It randomly awards a player and it depends on the players luck if he/she gets the cash awards.


There are myths about online casinos offering lucrative rewards based on superstitious beliefs, which are not accurate. The secret behind winning good payouts depends on intelligent strategies of reducing losses and not in myths that can prove to be unprofitable.

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