Forma.8 Playable on PS4 & PS Vita Later This Month

Forma.8 from the indie game developers of MixedBag is being released on the PS4 and PS Vita this year after being announced about five years ago.

Mauro Fanelli, a co-founder of developer MixedBag, wrote on the PlayStation Blog that their game will be available for digital purchase through the PlayStation Store on February 23rd with the addition of also supporting crossbuy.

Fanelli stated the following on the blog post “We poured our hearts and souls in Forma.8, and we are so happy to announce that our dream game will finally be available…”

The indie studio began with only 2 members and has grown over the years since their first announcement of Forma.8. Now with the release of the studio’s dream game only weeks away, it’s exciting to hear the storyline and mechanics that players will experience.

Players will be stranded by themselves on an alien planet as an exploration probe named forma.8. An accident leaves you apart from your fellow companions and you still have a life altering mission to complete. The mission entails finding a lost energy source. But the developers warn players that everything is not as simple as it will seem.

This game offers a large world waiting to be explored by using power ups to unlock new areas. There are enemies to battle against and lots of puzzles to solve while playing through the story.

A special physical edition for both the PS Vita and PS4 versions will be available through the partnership of Limited Run Games. The physical copies of Forma.8 will be announced by MixedBag at a later date.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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