FUNimation Announces Spring 2016 Anime Line-Up

Spring has arrived with it comes FUNimation’s Spring Simulcast List!

Why enjoy the sunshine, fresh sweet air and sakura blossoms when you can watch endless episodes of this season’s newest anime? With FUNimation’s improved app, you can even stream your favorite shows and discover some new ones. This season offers new anime series that will be available to watch in North America as it airs in Japan. Here are the anime along with their simulcasts schedule:

My Hero Academia Sundays at 5 am ET

Endride on Saturdays at 3 pm ET

Rainbow Days + club RAINBOW Sundays at 10:30 am ET

Assassination Classroom – Season 2 Thursdays at 1:55 pm ET

And you thought there is never a girl online? Thursdays at 12 pm ET (beginning April 7th)

Haifuri TBD

Concrete Revolutio – Season 2 Fridays at 9 am ET (beginning April 8th)

Asterisk War – Season 2 TBD

Kumamiko– Girl Meets Bear – TBD

Shonen Maid Fridays at 8:30 pm ET (beginning April 8th)

Three Leaves, Three Colors TBD

One Piece – ongoing Saturdays at 9 pm ET

You can keep up with the new anime season and watch some old favorites by visiting FUNimation’s Spring Simulcast official website. If you have debating whether or not to sign up for their membership program, the website offers a 14-day trail of both the SubPass and All-Access Pass programs.

Via FUNimation

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