Ghost Walk with Nyx in Quake Champions

As mentioned yesterdayQuake Champions is going to be unveiling more details about the different champions available to play as in the game. They’ll be doing this weekly, and today marks the initial reveal with Nyx. You can check out a trailer for her above to see what skills of hers will prove useful to your arsenal.

Nyx is a Fathom Agent, who has the ability to Ghost Walk because of powers she has been given from the Fathom Orb. When she Ghost Walks, it allows her to shift into another dimension, temporarily avoiding all damage and evading an enemy’s line of sight. So you can see how this can come in handy. To top it all off, Ghost Walk is an active ability that also allows for the player to kill an enemy instantly simply by materializing in the same spot they are in. It might be a little tricky, but nailing the timing could lead to some pretty effective multi-kills. Nyx also has a passive ability of being able to wall jump, which allows her to traverse maps in a much more agile way.

You can see a trailer of her Ghost Walk ability in use just above, but I can already see how effective she will be in combat. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her become a default choice for novice players. Thankfully, there is a cooldown timer and the Ghost Walk ability doesn’t last too long. So those with experience against Nyx will likely be able to dispatch her with no problems. We’ll start seeing how she faces against other Champions when they are unveiled over the next couple months.

Let us know in the comments below whether you’ll be picking Nyx, or if you’re still waiting to see more information about other Champions in Quake Champions.

Source: Quake Champions Official Site

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