High Heel Hysteria | Bayonetta 2 Demo Impressions

“Sexy” and “mesmerizing” are two words that can describe Bayonetta 2. From the minute you load the demo, a breathless, feminine voice graces your ears from the title screen with a sultry sensiblity. It’s a strange, euphoric feeling that Bayonetta can’t help but leave you with onscreen and off in its spine-tingling size and scope. In this particular case, Bayonetta 2’s latest demo on the Wii U leaves you with that same titillating sensation.

Bayonetta 2 Demo BagoGames

Even after playing three consecutive times, Bayonetta 2‘s demo not only lives up to, but surpasses the hype in every way imaginable. The demo starts off fast like its predecessor in a lighting quick prologue to get you up to speed with the game’s controls and quickly segues into the actual game and right into some heavy action – namely sky high boss battle action that takes some thinking to dodge attaches and land clean shots; ultimately, you want to finish battles with a high mark.

The game also comes with a medal reward system for each boss battle; stone, bronze, silver, and gold that only adds to the replay value. Replay value is perhaps the only crutch the game leans on as the demo’s joys last a short fifteen to twenty minutes at max, though great those joys are. This witch has attitude and every kick and prance shows it.

Bayonetta 2 Kick BagoGames

The demo itself is nothing short of stunning and quite possibly showcases the best graphics the Wii U’s seen in a while. Platinum Games leaves little in the way of spectacle untouched and does so in a breathtaking polish. Bayonetta wastes no time in spilling a mess of action onscreen and mops it up in high fashion. From dueling on a jet fighter to fighting a Godzilla sized beastie atop a skyscraper, the demo shimmers in action sequences all packaged in a surprisingly stable framerate during even the most intense fight scenes. Roughly 99% stylized violence and 1% sex appeal, Bayonetta whips the Wii U’s horsepower into high gear that blows away its new-gen console competition.

Playing the demo on the Wii U GamePad, there are few touch-screen control options to make it a necessity. Button prompts dominate what are few opportunities for touch-screen combat, but the latter is negligible for the rapid-responses required. A Pro controller might very well offer a more comfortable grip between the the two and lends itself to the hammering your thumbs will dish out.

Bayonetta 2‘s untimely end feels just as it should as just the beginning for a wilder ride to come. Platinum’s demo may very well speak to the perfect appetizer of fantastical action, grace, and deadly precision that only leaves you hungry for more. If demos could be scored, then Bayonetta 2‘s flirts and teases in delightful ways that climax too soon.


You can find download the demo for free on the Wii U eShop now. Bayonetta 2 hacks its way onto store shelves this Oct. 24th only for Wii U.

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