Impact Winter is Coming to PC on April 12

Impact Winter is a new survival game coming from Bandai Namco and developer Mojo Bones, which finally has a release date of April 12 for PC. The promising new game was shown off last year and has slowly had more info detailing the game come out, with the PC release date coming alongside a new trailer. The game is also confirmed to be coming for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but not until sometime later in 2017.

The story behind Impact Winter is that players control survivor Jacob Solomon, who is struggling to get by after a meteor hit the earth and has plunged the world into a new ice age. Ice and snow cover the planet, and people must do whatever they can to survive. Through Jacob’s travels he comes across a church with a group of survivors, and this thrusts the players into a leadership-type role as you all work to stay warm, get food, and so forth. One day a mysterious radio transmission is received, which informs the inhabitants of the church that rescue is on the way, but they have to make it 30 days.

Impact Winter, Bandai Namco

Impact Winter, Bandai Namco

This sets up the core of the game for the player, where they use Jacob to lead the other survivors through 30 days of survival, in hopes of finally being rescued from the harsh cold. The game looks to use cooperation to reduce the rescue timer down until ultimately players are rescued. Other characters will be met and the players must work with them and use their skills to help survive and build up their home base, as per other survival-type games. The game does offer an interesting new post-apocalyptic setting, as well as a unique aesthetic that looks to differentiate it from other games in the same genre.

Impact Winter is shaping up to be an interesting release from Bandai Namco, and one that could provide a very interesting take on the survival genre. The game looks to offer something new and different and hopefully the finished product will tell a memorable tale to those that wish to take on the task of survival in this harsh winter.

Source: Dual Shockers

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