Intern Astronaut – Boston FIG Hands-On Preview

(Intern Astronaut, Broken Door Studio)
Intern Astronaut, Broken Door Studio

Developer – Broken Door Studio
Publisher – TBD
Location – Somerville, Massachusetts


What is it?
After they received an A for their student project at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, these small groups of developers decided to form their own business and market their creation. Intern Astronaut is a Mobile VR game played via the Samsung Gear VR headset. You play as an unskilled, untrained, and possible unwilling astronaut who must flip switches, turn knobs, and push buttons to pilot a seemingly experimental and highly unsafe spacecraft.

Intern Astronaut, Broken Door Studios

(Intern Astronaut, Broken Door Studio)

Why should I care?
Intern Astronaut is not a big game. The entire experience takes place in a small cockpit and pretty much consists of you trying to follow simple instructions in an ever increasingly stressful situation as your ship breaks down around you. However, Intern Astronaut’s simplicity is its strength. Not only is it a capable, functioning VR title, it requires nothing but a Samsung phone and headset to play. Granted, you probably won’t be playing it on the bus, but since you can play without cables, extra controllers, or some beefy PC nearby, it’s a true mobile VR experience. Honestly, who hasn’t wanted to pilot a spacecraft from the comfort of their own toilet? Furthermore, as the game keeps you stationary in your pilot seat, the nausea that results from many other VR experiences is not an issue.


When can I play it?
The final price for Intern Astronaut has not yet been set but the team hopes to have it commercially available on all mobile VR platforms by the end of the year.

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