An Interview with the Bearded SygMan

I spend a lot of time on YouTube. In fact, it easily comes pretty close to edging out Netflix in terms of how often I use it. We’re not going to talk about how often I use Netflix though. I’m taking it one day at a time and I’m not addicted to watching Friends. Gaming is my biggest passion though and discussion and analysis are right up there with actually playing games. It’s this drive for discussion that keeps me looking for new channels to check out every month. Sometimes I just end up liking a video or two but other times I find myself hitting the subscribe button in order to keep that channel in my feed. SygMan Gaming is definitely the latter and it was a delight to talk to him via email the other day and have him answer a few questions.

After our conversation I sent over the questions that I personally wanted to ask. I’ve been watching Sygman Gaming for about seven months and highly recommend adding him to your subscriptions. Before you check out our exchange below I’d like to encourage you to check out his channel by clicking here.

To get a taste of the channel you can also check out his latest video

Josh Nichols: You’ve come a long way in the year you’ve been doing your YouTube channel. You’ve gone nothing to over 600 subscribers and you seem to get more with every few videos. What have been some of the biggest challenges since you started?

Bearded SygMan: The biggest challenges were learning “YouTube etiquette” and life.  Learning YouTube etiquette was kind of a culture shock for me because here you have an introvert who outside of Facebook really didn’t delve much into social media. Just to turn into somebody who has to use these outlets and talk to people as much as possible. It was a big, but welcomed, change.

Life is always a big challenge.  I’m married and I work full time.  It made it really difficult to get a lot of what I needed done because back then I was posting 2 videos per day.  It’s been one big learning process and I’m grateful for it.

JN: You have a lot of Let’s Plays for many different games but what your favorite games to do Let’s Plays on?

BS: I’d say right now my top favorites would be the Binding of Isaac, Super Mario Maker, and Subnautica.

JN: What are some games you’ve wanted to cover but haven’t the chance?

BS: I’d love to cover more Telltale series games.  I admit I wasn’t really big on them at first but my subscribers really opened up my eyes to genres I wouldn’t have played otherwise.

JN: Which of your videos are your favorite or represent your channel the most?

BS: My personal favorite would definitely be the “Would you Press the button,” “Guess The WikiHow” style recordings because I feel like there is not much of a wall between the audience and myself to where we can interact.  With a traditional Let’s Play you can interact, but you still have deliver a good presentation. It separates the human element from the entertainer.

JN: What are some of your favorite games?

BS: The Mass Effect series is definitely a good one. The guilty pleasure at this time would definitely be Diablo 3

JN: What’s the first game you remember playing?

BS: The first Super Mario Bros for NES. I remember playing it in my brothers room when I was 5.

JN: What made you want to start your channel?

BS: When I saw a video of Markipliers, I believe it was the Fail compilation for FNAF. I really enjoyed the content, and it looked like it was a lot of fun.  It was a great mix for me because starting back in high school, I took theater classes. After my first play I knew right then and there that I wanted to entertain people. So in a way I’m living my dream right now.

JN: What are some upcoming releases that you’re looking forward to?

BS: Mass effect Andromeda by far. A close second would be Horizon Zero Dawn.

JN: What YouTube channels inspired you to start your own channel?

BS: Markiplier is what inspired me to start, but it was his fans that I met at Indy Pop Con in 2015 that really made me want to pursue it.  I was in awe at just how many lives he has a positive impact on just by being himself and entertaining. I hope one day that this dream of mine can make that kind of impact on people.

JN: What are a few channels you regularly watch?

BS: TearofGrace, Game Grumps, and FenixCoffey. All very talented and hilarious!

I enjoyed getting to talk with the Bearded SygMan and hope that enjoy his channel as much as I do. Let us know what you think of the interview and his channel in the comments and go show him some subscriber love on YouTube! We will be following up with SygMan Gaming as his channel continues to grow and reach new milestones. Feel free to reach out to the Bearded SygMan on Twitter and let him know what you thought of his answers or what you think of his YouTube channel too! 

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