We Interviewed Steven Ogg About Old Spice, So The Internet Could Have That

It’s not often you get to talk to a famous and cool actor and voice actor but a few weeks ago that was a reality I found myself in. To add a little more of a strange and surreal touch to everything, we were mostly just supposed to talk about Old Spice products together since one of Steven Ogg’s latest characters is that of Bob Giovanni. To be fair, he is a pretty interesting character that I imagine requires a lot of energy to get into but we talked Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead for a few minutes too so it wasn’t all just good smells and laughs. It was a pretty interesting phone call though that I think many of you will get some enjoyment out of. I know I had a lot of fun and I’m hoping we can talk to Mr. Steven Ogg again someday.


Bob Giovanni is a pretty wild and crazy character for sure. It’s always nice seeing Steven Ogg commit to the many different characters he’s portrayed over the years and I’m really hoping we do get to see him in Better Call Saul again. I’m personally a huge fan of the show and was really excited to see him make an appearance. I hope his character his expanded upon much more so we can see him flesh out a role again, like his portrayal of Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V.


Old Spice sent some product to me to check out and give my thoughts on as well but I can’t lie, I’m already a pretty huge fan of their products. I personally use their body wash and deodorant on a daily basis already with the exception of body spray. I like Old Spice’s body sprays but just personally prefer a lot of Axe’s scents in terms of body spray but that’s neither here nor there. Old Spice sent me ‘Hydro Wash’ body wash along with some of their latest deodorants. I love the body washes and am confident I’ll continue to use them. I’ve been using their products for years but hadn’t yet tried the ‘Hydro Wash’ body wash yet. My Wife and I both think it smells stronger than other body washes and when I came home from another one of my jobs I didn’t smell too bad so that was a nice plus. It’s pretty strong and lasts a long time too! Their ‘Sweat Defense’ deodorant isn’t really my jam. I’m not a huge fan of solid deodorant though. It doesn’t feel like it does as much and doesn’t give the same clean feeling as invisible deodorants, or at least in my opinion. The ‘Odor Blocker’ is an invisible antiperspirant that I really dug though. It kind of squirts our an almost liquid deodorant and I think it went really well with the body wash. If you’re looking for some good deodorant, good body wash, and some real-o good smells, I’d recommend ‘Hydro Wash’ and ‘Odor Blocker.’ If you’re into dry deodorant then I’m sure ‘Sweat Defense’ will be something up your alley. I personally don’t like rubbing dry stuff all over me but maybe that’s just me.

Better Call Saul, AMC

Better Call Saul, AMC

It was a fun phone call and I’m confident that many can’t say they’ve discussed Old Spice with voice actors they think are cool. Maybe next time I’ll get to talk to Nolan North about toothpaste or Jennifer Hale about what kind of cereal is the best. Hey, one can dream right?

We were not paid at all for this article. We agreed to do it so that we could talk with Steven Ogg. Who wouldn’t love to talk to a cool voice actor and actor who’s been in things like Grand Theft Auto V and Better Call Saul? We did not know they were going to send me free deodorant and body wash to talk about and that had no impact on us agreeing to do that interview. 

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