RUMOR: Avatar 2 Is That Much Closer To Becoming Reality

During the end of 2009 to beginning of 2010, Avatar broke box office record after box office record. Now the highest grossing movie of all time, people have been wondering if we’ll ever see another. After 7 long years of waiting, it seems James Cameron is ready to visit Pandora again. and The Playlist reported from My Entertainment World that Cameron plans on shooting Avatar 2 in New Zealand for a start date sometime in April 2016. What does that start date mean for an upcoming release date announcement?

Numerous conversations have been had across the internet as to whether or not Avatar is still “culturally relevant,” but that remains to be seen and probably won’t definitively be known until the second movie comes out. A release date was previously set for December 2017 until Star Wars Episode VIII conspicuously pushed themselves into that spot.  Cameron had a trilogy in mind for the Avatar universe and while his cast, aside from Zoe Saldana, hasn’t had much work come their way, it serves as another obstacle with trying to get them all together as well as what must be an ever ballooning budget. However, it’s probably hard to say no to the director of the two highest grossing films of all time.

7 years is a long break between movies in a franchise. That may have an effect on the outcome of audiences showing up and 20th Century Fox can only hope to make as much money as they did on this upcoming film. As to whether or not that will have any effect on sequels, we can’t say for certain, but we can definitely say that work will definitely be underway within the next few months. Is another 2 billion dollars within Cameron’s reach? Only time will tell.

Source: My Entertainment World (via Coming Soon and The Playlist)

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