Learn How to Change Your PS4’s Faceplate Like a Pro

The Playstation 4 may be nineteen years younger than its precursor this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an excuse to be decorating it your own way. In tandem with its The Playstation Experience games convention, Sony’s said it’s creating faceplates PS4 owners can attach to their console in the styling of its biggest, exclusive games.

PS4 Faceplates BagoGames

As a part of its “Project Skylight Beta,” Sony will be selling themed faceplates starring the colorful characters of Little Big Planet 3 and the dark shades of The Order: 1886. The two sell for $24.99 with more to come in the future.

Don’t know how to yank off that year-old faceplate on you current PS4? Sony’s got you covered. Watch the video below to learn just how to change out your faceplate, something not necessarily apparent to every noob.


Via Playstation on YouTube & The Sony Store

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