Live Fire Drops Today for Titanfall 2 in New DLC Update

Live Fire is a brand new mode coming to Titanfall 2, which is a pilots-only mode. Included in the update will also be more setting choices and tweaks. The DLC, which goes live on February 23, is the latest in the promised free DLC from developers Respawn, and it follows the first release, which gave players a fan-favorite map in Angel City.

Live Fire is a pilots-only focused mode, where two teams of 6 face off against each other, in one minute long rounds. In addition to the rounds being only one minute long, there are no respawns, so players have to work together, quickly and efficiently, to be able to win. Players either need to completely eliminate the other team, or be holding a neutral flag when the minute is up, to win the round. There will be 2 brand new maps available just for Live Fire when the DLC drops, with more potentially coming down the road.

Titanfall 2, EA

Titanfall 2, EA

There are some other notable changes coming in the Live Fire DLC update. A big one is an overhaul of the matchmaking menu, and the ability for players to create their own “mixtape”, where you can choose what modes you want to play in, and after each game players will end up in a mode they chose for their mix. There will also be a featured playlist, where Respawn will be choosing specific modes to highlight, and to reward those playing the playlist they will occasionally hand out double XP. The other large change is a gameplay update that will be looking to balance out weapons and abilities. Additionally, look forward to some new intros, a new execution, and a new Coliseum map to check out.

Titanfall 2 continues to be a popular title with a fairly rabid fanbase, that will gladly welcome Live Fire and the other changes that Respawn is making. Have you launched into the Frontier with Titanfall 2? Does a pilots-only mode interest you, or do you want to see more modes with titans? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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