Marvel and Square Enix Pen Multi-Year, Multi-game Partnership

Square Enix has announced today that they will be working with Marvel Entertainment to commence a multi-year, multi-game partnership. The first of those games to be revealed is simply titled The Avengers Project. It will be developed by Crystal Dynamics, who recently did The Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Eidos-Montreal who developed Deus Ex. Above is a teaser trailer for the game.

Based on the characters from the Marvel universe, the game aims to bring some of the most iconic characters, environments and moments from the franchise to an interactive space. The story for the game will be “completely original”, though there aren’t many details yet. In fact, it sounds like we won’t be getting any more information until 2018, along with news on other games from the partnership.

The long wait for information isn’t anything new if you follow Marvel films at all. We already know the titles to many Marvel movies, or at least working titles for them. Everyone has known about The Avengers: Infinity War since 2014. But we still know nothing about that movie really. I’m curious to see how these games fare since they appear to be going for the same serialized approach as the movies and comics.

It is exciting to see something this ambitious get announced, and with both of Square Enix’s top development teams working on it, they are definitely not going to let the quality slip.

Let us know in the comments below whether you’re excited for a series of Marvel games or not.

Source: Marvel Entertainment Official YouTube

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