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Marvelous Feats | Weekly Comics Pull List

Less is more when you’re hiding a super secret, and it’s the same with this week’s comic trio. Three and only three made it to the finals this time around, and quality beat quantity in this fit collection, or dare I say a,”Marvel”-ous? one (Sorry, I had to). The week’s colorful comics palette was better for it, and maybe my wallet, if I may say so myself.

It’s only Marvel picks this week, but don’t worry if there’s not a DC’s logo among them. I’m not reading the Future’s End story line, so the entire month of September’s going to be lacking in DC and Indy books coming at us. Instead, marvel at these gems to tide you over.


Amazing Spider-Man # 6:

asm 6Will Spider-Man be unmasked on live television!? Not if Silk can help it. Webbing up Pete’s face while the Daily Bugle’s resident jerk,  J. Jonah Jameson, is still blocking the shot, and ends up fleeing with him out a window. She expertly fends off the Black Cat and Electro to boot. Not too shabby new girl!

Felicia needs help forming a new criminal crew, but finds no one will help her while she’s in the company of Electro. A good thief always has a plan B. Like so, she coerces some information about the new prison for Electro out of Parker’s partner in Parker Industries: Sajani.

Black Cat tries to kill both Spider-Man and Silk by overloading Electro’s powers. Silk’s developed insulation webbing though, and through this, the Spiders are protected from Electro. Who’s going to save Electro? You friendly neighborhood Spider-man, of course. Enough insulation can stop any amount of electricity, and with Silk’s help, a cocoon’s formed and the day’s saved. Electro’s even cured of his uncontrollable power!

It all ends with Felicia proclaiming herself a queen of crime and gathering her newfound gang. Apparently, curing Electro’s as good as killing him to the villain community, I guess. What’s next for Spidey? Stay tuned!


Avengers Undercover # 10:

avengers undercover 10Baron Helmut Zemo’s plan has come to fruition. He’s finally trapped the Avengers with magic, using S.H.I.E.L.D.’s own resources and orchestrated a world-wide crime spree. Meanwhile, he’s hacked into S.H.I.E.L.D.’s database and their monitoring systems. Using this to hack into every television, PC, and mobile device. Rather than holding the world hostage: he simply tells the whole world what S.H.I.E.L.D. is up to and what they can do with all their monitoring software. Who’s the real villain here?

Cammi answers that one. When Arcade broke her out of her cell, he also gifted her with his “God-Like” power suit. She proceeds to put the boots to the Masters of Evil single handedly. She saves the Avengers and her team-mates and she even addresses the world with a speech, masterfully written by Dennis Hopeless: “We aren’t the bad guys,” she declares, “but we aren’t heroes either and we just want to enjoy being teenagers.” Ever since Generation Hope, I’ve hung on his every word in comics. Well done Sir!

I’ve got to say I wasn’t thrilled by the art, though. Tigh Walker, while a much better artist than I, doesn’t appeal to me at all. Pick it up for sure. It is an end of a new era for these kids and it deserves to be read first hand.


Death of Wolverine #2:  

Death of Wolvie Canadian StyleWe start off in Madripoor with Logan nowhere to be seen. The telltale “sense bubbles” are present however, so… he must be around someplace. No one gets a meeting with Viper without being invited or having something worth her time. An authentic Iron Man Mark IX  helmet does the trick!

Immediately after gaining an audience, Viper sees right through the disguise. A short battle ensues, where Logan dominates the opposition with vicious, yet clawless vigor, and this clawless scramble leaves him handicapped, but also helps keep him alive. Choices like this is going to be a theme in the coming issues, no doubt.

Logan has no time for games. He gets down to business and demands to know why she has a contract out for him…alive of all things. His ex-wife responds that a mystery client wanted him and that she will only reveal the identity of said client if he kills her new dog…Sabretooth.


 This dance is an old one, but Sabretooth has the edge with his healing factor intact. He claims Logan’s eye, but can’t claim victory.  Suddenly, Lady Deathstrike intervenes from out of nowhere, seemingly having a bounty called out for her capture alive as well.

The plot thickens as all l the women in Logan’s life are coming out for this mini series, including one Katherine Pryde! The comic ends with her threatening to tear out Deathstrike’s heart. She used to be such a nice girl!


What have comics done for you lately? Don’t forget our forums and don’t forget to comment! I’d love to hear what you’re all thinking about the comic scene!

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