Mastering the Art of Playing Slot Games

One type of casino game that you can play online is a slot machine. In fact, one thing that will become apparent when you begin your journey of looking for a fun mobile slot game is that they are in a great abundance. There are literally thousands upon thousands of mobile games to choose from when it comes to slots.

If you visit casino barmy, you can get a great list and overview of some of the best slot games out there. They’re website reviews the best casino sites and will also give you a full insight into the range of slot games available at each of those sites.

You may be wondering if there is a good time or a bad time to play slot machines, well it really depends on what type of slots you decide to pay. It may be better to just stick with a progressive slot game and definitely stay way from the games that have recently paid out their jackpots.

When you play online or mobile slot games you have plenty of choice in regards to the categories of slot machine you can play. Companies such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech have designed, over the years, lots of different games all offering different playing structures, different bonus games and bonus features and of course each slot will have a different sized jackpot up for grabs too.

Playing slots from Microgaming for example will allow you to make use of a special built in tool indicates which slots are hot, meaning they’ve been paying out their jackpots more often recently than other slots as well as which of their slots are cold meaning their jackpots haven’t paid out and are overdue.

They call this feature the Jackpot Thermometer and is an animation that can be found alongside each slot in the slot game menu. Another aspect of playing slot games is not only knowing which slots have or have not paid out their jackpots recently but knowing which slots are more likely to give you more winning payouts than others.

Playing the Highest Paying Slots

In regards to you knowing which slots payout more we would advise you to check out the “help files” of any slots you like the look of. Especially if you are playing at a casino using Playtech designed slot machines.

On the help files of those slot games you will also find the long term expected payout percentages that each slot is set to return to players (RTP) over the long term. You will find some of their slots have higher payout percentages set as high as 98% or even higher than that and those will be the very best slot games to play.

Other slot game designers may make the RTP’s of their slots available to players by listing them on the pay table of the slots, so that would be another place you should check in your hunt to find the very best paying slots.

In fact, some online and mobile casino sites have made looking up the RTP’s of their slot games very easy. They have conveniently placed a full list of all of their available slot machines somewhere on their websites and alongside each slot the expected RTP should be listed.

Avoid slots offering payout percentages lower than 96% as those types of slot machines will not give you as much in winning payouts over the long term when compared to slots offering RTP’s higher than 96%!

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