Meet Mario as He Travels Around Showing Off Super Mario Odyssey

Meet Mario Tour / Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey releases on the Nintendo Switch later this month on October 27th. It seems like an awfully long time to wait so to combat the lagging time you can meet Mario as he travels around in a cross-country tour of the United States. Mario is not only bringing his iconic red hat with him on this tour but also his new game! Fans who meet up with the tour will have a chance to play Super Mario Odyssey before it launches in stores!

Meet Mario Tour / Nintendo

Those living or visiting Dallas, Texas for the State Fair will be able to meet up with Mario for photos, play a bit of Super Mario Odyssey, and watch a special trailer. After the State Fair, Mario and Cappy will be making detours at various locations.

You can follow along the tour online and find out if Mario is coming to a town near you by following Nintendo of America on Twitter.

Source: Nintendo Press Room

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