Mewtwo’s Make-Over or Mewthree?

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Today, Game Freak and Nintendo have announced a brand-new Pokemon for Pokemon X/Y that has ultimately caused an overflow of theories. The Pokemon that was announced today has a very familiar appearance that immediately had everyone linking it with Mewtwo. The internet is buzzing with several theories and I thought that I would present some of the ones that I thought were really interesting, and give my own input on each one.

  • Mewtwo gets a new form
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MewThree has been on Pokemon Fans minds for quite a while; so maybe Nintendo listened. Or they were creativity blocked and thought, we have Mewtwo, let’s make a third one and call it Mewthree.

One of the popular theories out there is that Mewtwo is getting a completely new form. This  doesn’t seem too far-fetched since we’ve been seeing several new forms to Pokemon in past generations. Shaymin has one and so does Giratina, just to name a few, so it’s completely viable that this will prove to be fact.

However, I don’t think that Game Freak and Nintendo are going to introduce a new form of Mewtwo. My reasoning behind this is because the design, while similar, has some key differences that just don’t sit well with me. “NewMew” has what looks like Mewtwo’s tail attached to the back of its head, instead of behind it. So one would have to wonder how Game Freak would make the transition between the two forms not appear completely awkward. For example, it would be kind of strange if, say Mewtwo changes forms holding an item, to see it’s tail magically detach from its body and hover to it’s head. Of course, they could just make the tail go into Mewtwo and come out behind the head; while less “magical”, it could sprout a lot of sexual jokes, which wouldn’t play into Nintendo’s kid-friendly image.

My other reason is a simple one, and that is because Mewtwo is a staple when talking about Pokemon. This was the first real powerful Pokemon that you were tasked with catching in Pokemon Red/Blue, and the first movie focused on Mewtwo. I don’t see Game Freak and Nintendo toying with what they built with Pokemon: The Movie by introducing a new form because then, they would be forced to look at the back story that they wrote for Mewtwo and make some small tweaks. Personally, I don’t see either Nintendo nor Game Freak giving themselves more work then they need to.

  • “NewMew” is actually Female Mewtwo
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Male or Female, I’m really excited to catch this Pokemon and train it! But aside from that, doesn’t the battle graphics for X and Y look absolutely gorgeous?

The second most popular theory is that “NewMew” is actually a female version of Mewtwo. Genders have become somewhat of a staple in Pokemon now, with the tiny boy/girl symbol beside the name.

However, legendary Pokemon aren’t known to have genders. So, one would wonder why Nintendo would be breaking the mold with Generation 6. Personally though, I think this theory may have merit behind it, and here’s why: In Pokemon: The Movie, Mewtwo was presented as a male. The voice was male and it was even referred to as a “he” several times. So, without the actual symbol for male beside the name, it is largely believed by many that Mewtwo is still considered a boy. This makes it extremely possible that this “NewMew” will be presented as a female throughout its existence, cementing the gender home without technically putting the gender symbol beside the name in a game. Think of it as a loop hole to the gender-less rule of legendary Pokemon that has been implemented through generations.

  • A Second attempt to clone Mew, resulting in Mewthree
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There is a very small part of me that thinks Mewtwo may be getting the “DeOxys” treatment. Meaning, Mewtwo will have a Speed Form, Attack Form, Special Attack Form, etc…

The most popular theory, bar none, has got to be that this new Pokemon is just another cloning attempt of Mew. This is believable when coupled with the theory that Ditto is actually a failed cloning attempt which just shows that cloning is still something that is tried.

However, personally I don’t believe that they tried to clone Mew again. My reasoning behind this thought process is solely based on the appearance. In Pokemon: The  Movie, Mewtwo was showcased as a powerful entity that could telepathically speak, whereas Mew spoke in the traditional way (repeating it’s name over and over). This makes me believe that Mewtwo is far superior to Mew in some ways. Then, I read the official description for “NewMew”, and one passage in particular really cemented my own theory:

“It is suspected that the newly discovered Pokemon has some sort of connection with the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo”

This could very well be telling of a new form to Mewtwo, but I believe this is saying  that “NewMew” is a clone, but a clone of Mewtwo, and not Mew.

Think about it; the similarities between the two are hard to deny. The long tail-like limb behind “NewMew”‘s head has a striking resemblance to Mewtwo’s actual tail. The general form is similar as well and then of course, the official description even says that “NewMew” has some sort of connection with Mewtwo. This would open the stage for the female gender to be nailed home because as a clone, one would think that “NewMew” would have the ability to telepathically communicate. Let’s not forget, cloning requires DNA, and with X and Y being chromesomes, this theory of mine could have a lot of backbone.

  • “NewMew” is a Team Rocket experiment

The last theory I will look at is the one that says Team Rocket created this Pokemon, which had me thinking. The anime shows that Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, had Mewtwo encased in special armor that was used to suppress the powerful Pokemon’s powers. We also saw Mewtwo hooked up to several cables because of said armor, so isn’t it possible that Giovanni was also gathering data? He is portrayed as a smart man.

This plays into my own theory as well. “NewMew” may actually be a clone of Mewtwo, and not Mew. Giovanni was impressed by the power that Mewtwo had and with goals of capturing rare Pokemon, wouldn’t two powerful Pokemon be better then one?

In Conclusion

Without any official word from Gamefreak or Nintendo about what the actual link is, these are just speculation from myself and from numerous fans around the Internet. One thing is for sure, I 100% believe that this will not be an evolution of Mewtwo.


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