Mexico City Guy Stumbles Upon Scene for Grand Theft Auto 5 Commercial

Marco Donjuan, a guy from Mexico City, came across an interesting site on his drive home this past Saturday night.  Taking a closer look, Donjuan found a wrecked car sticking out of a bush on the side of a building.  Curious, Donjuan then took a photo of his find.  He said after he parked his car he approached one of the “staff” people  and asked what was going down.  According to Polygon, who had interviewed Donjuan via e-mail, he said that the staff member told him it was part of an ad for Grand Theft Auto 5.

Production on the ad continued and on Sunday morning Donjuan’s neighborhood instantly became Los Santos, the fictitious city the game will be set in.  They added two more cars and a bunch of washing machines to add to the flavor of the upcoming game.  Due to the filming of the live action commercial, the production team kept Donjuan at his home, and while there he captured what he could in photos.  GTA 5 is slated for a September 17th release for the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3.  You can check out some of the pics Donjuan took below.










Image Source: Polygon.









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