Mid Year Review of the Best 2016 Android App Game Releases

What a great year for Android gamers. Not only did the past months brought the revival of some of our favorite franchises, but there are still so many great titles to look forward to in the upcoming months, some bringing original gameplay and designs, others stroking a massive chord of nostalgia that brings memories from a time when gaming meant hitting the arcade with your allowance money and hauling a clinking bag of coins towards your favorite machine (I’m looking at you Pac Man Hats).

But from what we do have available right now, there are high chances you won’t even get to try what’s coming in the following months because you’ll be too busy swiping away on your phones and tablets. Thus, if you’re tired of searching through your CasinoAppKings list of Android apps for real money in hope of getting your gaming thrill on, check out the best 2016 releases so far.


Deus Ex Go

If you’re a fan of the Deus Ex franchise, you probably remember the failed attempt that was Deus Ex: the Fall, which brought on the story quality we expected from Deus Ex games, but left out on playability and stability. Well, Deus Ex Go sets to revive the reputation of the franchise by setting on a different course that’s more similar to the Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go games previously released by the same developers. Deus Ex Go is a stealth, puzzle-based infiltration game that wears the atmosphere of its better predecessors so proudly. Everything from the story and incredible graphics to the tactics needed to get through a puzzle bears the mark of great game design.


Badland is in no way a revolutionary game nor does it look like a great game at first glance, but once you give it a try it will be easy to become addicted to the game’s dark and quirky atmosphere. It’s basically a side-scrolling game set against the backdrop of a dark forest full of traps and obstacles, yet the game is so much more than what its description says. Having some of the best graphics and sound in a side-scroller adventure game is not the only selling point of the app, because there is also the exciting multiplayer mode where you can push your opponents onto spikes, chainsaws and whatnots, a cooperative mode where you can play with your friends, as well as a level editor that you can use to create and share custom levels – what more do you need?

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run

Regardless of whether you are fan of AMC’s companion show or not, you’ll definitely like the post-apocalyptic zombie world of the Walking Dead franchise that this game so beautifully recreates. Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run comes with all new levels from Season 2 and sports a black and white world full of smoke, shadows and “walkers”. The app is a tactical runner game where you’ll have to fight for your survival by navigating through the desolate LA streets and landmarks and killing zombie hordes with your assault rifle and shot gun. And just like in the show, you will have to fight with all you got and be smart about where you’re heading if you don’t want to turn into another statistic.


Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Suicide Squad (the movie) has left critics and audience divided, but luckily the official game doesn’t have to live up to any other expectations except to be exciting and addictive. Suicide Squad: Special Ops is a first person shooter where you can choose any of the title characters and use their weapons to fight massive armies of bad guys through the fictional Midway City, with the final goal of defeating the Enchantress and redeeming your criminal soul. The game isn’t very different from the movie, atmosphere-wise, but it’s certainly well-made, very fun to play, and, above all, free. If you’re a fan of FPSs, this game will have what you need.

Pokemon Go

Its popularity might have started fading away during the past month or two, but the game certainly deserves its place on the list as it is one of the best Android games for 2016. Any fan of the Pokemon series could barely hide the excitement when the news hit about this game, and once it was released it took over app stores with such a force that even Nintendo’s stocks skyrocketed for a brief time. What makes this game so great was the subject of many analyses and debates, but the fact remains that the level of user engagement it reached for such a brief period will stay unrivaled for a long time. If you still haven’t tried it, there isn’t much to say but what exactly are you waiting for?

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