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My Life As Henry Stickman – Fleeing The Complex

I have always wondered what the life of a stickman would be like. These thin dudes have been around in the flash game universe for a long time, experiencing all kinds of adventures. I myself have never donned the role of a stickman however, so today I decided that it is a good day to loose some bodyweight, and try Fleeing The Complex.

My new name is now Henry Stickman. I have been sentenced to life in a foreign unescapable prison, called The Wall. After explaining the situation to me, the warden throws me in a cell where I am supposed to wait for a transfer to a more permanent one. A sad girl is sitting next to me and I see four different possibilities that may lead to freedom. I can let the girl boost me up the duct that is right above us, charge tackle the guard, wait until I get transferred to my new cell, or play dead. As the girl looks innocent, I decided to let her boost me up to the duct. After successfully reaching the hatch, I climb into the duct and decide to help the girl as well. We start to progress through The Wall, and reach a room with two guards talking to each other. As they have not yet noticed us, we take this opportunity to do a synchronized takedown, as we both know CQC (Close Quarters Combat).


The Wall is a big prison!

After two successful takedowns, we reach a locked door on the cellblock that we are currently on. The door leads into a room that has it’s very own roof, and we realize that we have to get up there to unlock the door in front of us. Luckily enough, the girl I helped knows how to use the force. So I let her lift me up there using this awesome power, almost strangling me in the process. It worked flawlessly and I now throw myself inside the room, letting me open the door from the other side. This accidently opens all doors on the cellblock however, and we now realize that we have caused a full scale Jailbreak.

In the next room we unfortunately let three guards pin us down. It was now time to reach for that Sniper Rifle and Taser that we had saved for a moment just as this. As I let the girl use the Taser on me, three shots go off from my Sniper Rifle ,downing the guards, while letting us proceed towards the elevators that leads to the outside. The girl takes two caps belonging to the guards that we just shot, just in case they are needed later. After reaching the elevators, we notice that another two guars are standing inside the elevator that goes topside. In a desperate attempt to make the guards to move, we throw the hats that we just procured in their line of sight. The caps slowly soars to the other side of the elevator doors. Noticing them, the guards goes to check what it was that just flew by and finds three other convicts that they need to catch. The distraction let us sneak into the elevator and take it to the top of The Wall. Freedom is now close.


The first faithful choices in Fleeing The Complex.


When we finally get outside one of the wardens goons grabs the girl. As I know that the best way to save someone is by making a funny face, that is what I do. This distracts the goon long enough for him to get hit by a moving truck. We now sprint to the nearest abandoned motorcycle, and take off. As we do this, the warden unfortunately jumps me and the girl takes off without me. Just when it seems like Henry Stickman is doomed, she returns on the motorcycle with a stop sign in hand, smacking his face hard with the sign. We now leap over The Walls fences towards our freedom.

This is the path that I took through The Wall as Henry Stickman. Fleeing The Complex let’s you choose your path using only a mouse, and tells the story of a Jailbreak in an entertaining way. It has taught me that the life of a stickman prisoner is a fun and quick experience that can give you a few laughs on the way towards freedom.


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