NBA2k13 Review!

With more than 5 million copies sold worldwide and more than 25 Sports Game of the Year awards won, NBA 2K12 was another monster release for the biggest NBA video game simulation franchise in the world. So surly 2K can only improve?

The game play is the best I have ever experienced from a sports related game; it is smooth, fast and easy on the eye. You will fall in love with this game when you step onto the court for the first time and hear the roar from the cowd. Don’t worry about playing bad, the crowd will support you!

One thing that does bug me is some of the flaws as in players looking like they loose interest and invisible walls, but you can easily pass through them with the ability to dunk on your Favorite NBA stars. The ‘dunking’ in the latest edition of the game is fun and exiting. Ally oops also raise the intensity of the game massively!

One of the main game modes 2K thrives off of is My Player. This mode consists of you creating your own player using the extensive creation tools, such as choosing your shooting style, name, number and various sliders to get their looks to be just right. You then go into the Rookie Showcase and play alongside last year’s best rookies and see how you fair against them. Make sure to do your best, coaches will be scouting you coach and your stock rise or depending on your play. If this is your first NBA game it may take some getting use to, but it is worth it.


One of the many new features in 2k13 is the introduction of the game mode My Team. This is virtually the same as the EA’s Ultimate Team. Basically this mode has you building yourself from the bottom to the top. The ranking system is done in seeds 12-1. I’m not a big fan of this game mode, but if you enjoy creating teams and working toward them being the top then this all new game mode is for you. Also to spice things up they have added loads of legends like Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and many more. So if you have ever wondered what Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan would be like in a team, play this!

The other new features include a new dribble stick, which is really fun to use and is easier than before to utilize. New shot generation has been re-tooled this year. The play calls are a lot less repetitve and really add to the dynamic of the game. Also to add to the  improvements to the  game is a brand new passing system. 2K also added in a new feature called Signature Skills, which gives your player their own uniqueness such as corner specialist which would improve your 3 point shots for example. There are many other skills to use play around with, and finally you can create your own shoes!


2K decided to enlist the help of Jay-Z, who helped produce the soundtrack and pre-game presentations. Normally this would be written off as a marketing gimmick, but Jay-Z’s work really improved those aspects of the game. All of the tracks on the game get you pumped and the film before you step on the court is truly amazing!

NBA 2K13  is an outstanding and I would urge any basketball fan too buy it. You can buy this game for around £28 or $42 ( depends on where you buy it from). NBA 2K13  is massively worth playing and I guarantee you will not regret it! There is minor DLC for the game, like the all-star package, but it is nothing to worry about. However, there is NBA blacktop for those that prefer to play with backyard rules.

I have played well over 48 hours on this game as it is truly irresistible, you will never get bored with all of the different game modes of that NBA 2K13 has to offer, and there is much more to do online. It feels good to hear your name getting called out by the commentators or being picked in the draft so pick up your copy now!

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    • Incredibly smooth gameplay


    • Some bugs

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