Nintendo Switch Hardware Overview Video Posted

The Nintendo Switch Hardware Overview video was posted and shows off the individuality of this upcoming console.

The Switch is a unique video game system that offers the ability to play the system as if it is a home console or a handheld console. The console does charge while in the dock but while on the go it can charge through portable devices via its USB Type-C port. It appears the Nintendo company wants their new system to be as versatile as possible and just as convenient to play anywhere. The TV-mode, handheld-mode and table-top mode have all been shown multiple times through trailers and presentations, yet the Joy-Cons are also given a closer look in this video.

The Joy-Cons have both accelerometer and gyroscope allowing movements and slight tilts as part of a game’s controls. The HD rumble feature will certainly aid in creating a realistic experience for certain games. The rumble is going to be slighter and more real than in previous Nintendo controllers. The IR Motion Camera in the right Joy-Con will detect some shapes and distance of the the object. The main example Nintendo has given in previous presentations is that players can play rock-paper-scissors and the camera can actually detect which shape the hand is forming. The right Joy-Con is also the one that contains the NFC Reader/Writer for amiibo figures and cards. The left Joy-Con has a special square button that is just for taking in-game screenshots.

This home console and handheld hybrid will certainly enchant long-time Nintendo fans but just how well will it do with the overall public? Leave your thoughts about the Nintendo Switch in the comment section below!

Source: Nintendo Press Room

Video Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel

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