An Open Letter To The Writers Of The Big Bang Theory

To whom it may concern,

For the past several years I have enjoyed traveling to Pasadena via my television and spending my night with Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj in The Big Bang Theory. They were four television characters that I could relate to, and actually see myself hanging out with, regardless of how awkward Sheldon might make it. I related and have joined in on Halo Night, my buddies and I use to try for a monthly event seeing as we couldn’t do it every Wednesday, but man did we enjoy blowing people up. I also related to their visits to the comic book store, I have made many, many trips to my favorite local comic book store to pick up the newest issues and to chat with the owners and employees. I could go on, but I believe that my point has been made.

Big Bang

The recent seasons have been a huge disappoint to me and a majority of my nerd friends. No longer do I get to watch the guys play Halo and get schooled by Penny, no longer do I hear them fight over which Batman is better or the physics of the Superman movies. Now I’m subjected to Sheldon and Amy’s awkward moments of intimacy, the complete and utter change of Howard from a pervy nerd to a grown up married man, Leonard and Penny’s engagement, Raj dating two girls, and the destruction of the comic book store. What Earth am I on? When did nerds get all of the girls suddenly, I know I’m not on that Earth, maybe I need to teleport to Earth 27 where nerds rule the land! If I wanted to watch a show about a whole bunch of couples I’d watch Mike and Molly or a soap opera of some sorts. However, that isn’t what I want to watch, I want to watch my people in situations that my people thrive in.

Why didn’t the gang ever go to Comic Con in a several episode arc or even a feature film? How come they weren’t waiting in line for the Wii U, the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4? Why weren’t they there to criticize Man of Steel? Oh because they were pining over their girlfriends instead of being who they were born to be. This show is now a shell of what it once was, but greatness is not all lost. You, the writers, have the option to change everything back to the way it once was, ditch Amy, have Howard get a divorce and make Raj all silent and pathetic again. Once we go back to the status-quo the show we can regale again in the antics of true nerds. I want to see more comic book arguments, not once have I heard them argue about the new Marvel Now! stories, or the New 52, I want to know what Sheldon thinks of 52 different DC Universe worlds and all that it may entail.

Big Bang

I use to organize my work schedule so that I could zip home and share in the gang’s nerdy antics, now when I get home and watch the show I’m left with a feeling of emptiness because the show is just a shell of what it once was and what it could be. Nerds want to see less about relationships and dating and more about comic books, video games, manga, sci-fi and so on. Thankfully another show about an eccentric character that I relate to is on Thursday nights as well, so my evening is used saved by the British Detective Sherlock Holmes in Elementary, so thank you for that CBS.

Thank you for your time,

An Angry Nerd


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