Path Finder Update Finds its Way to No Man’s Sky Today

It’s been a little while since we have had an update to No Man’s Sky, but since the last update which added many substantial improvements, Hello Games has been pretty quiet. Today they are releasing a new update entitled “Path Finder” which will include several new features, including PS4 Pro support, a Permadeath mode, new trophies, and a newer, quicker way to travel across planets. You can watch a trailer for the Path Finder update above.

By far the most exciting thing for me is the inclusion of the Roamer – an Exocraft that can be created at any time anywhere. Based on the trailer, it is one of the biggest quality of life improvements the game has seen. I cannot begin to stress how much time I’ve spent walking from one point to another on a planet with no quick way around it. The Roamer will offer a much easier form of transportation that is beyond welcome in my books. If you don’t want to make life easier though, there is a new Permadeath mode that you can take part in where you’ll only get one life to try to make it to the center of the galaxy.

For PS4 Pro users, there is finally support for the new console. Improved lighting and HDR support will help make everything look a bit more vibrant and beautiful. There will also be new ambient occlusion and the game will be optimised for 4K playback. Add with that some new music and I think you’re looking at a much more aesthetically pleasing experience all around.

I’d take those as pretty substantial updates, but there’s quite a bit more included in Path Finder. Starships can now crash land on planets in Survival mode, and both Survival mode and Permadeath have new trophies attached to them for the players willing to take the plunge in a more dangerous space life. You can also rename your Multi-tools and Starships so that things are just a bit more personalized. There are plenty of other updates within Path Finder which you can find on the No Man’s Sky website.

Are you excited for a new update to No Man’s Sky? If you’re still playing the game, or intend to come back for this, let us know in the comments below!

Source: No Man’s Sky Official Site

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