HyperX puts gaming gear into hyper drive! – PAX South 2016

HyperX is at PAX South this year to debut their new line of HyperX headsets and other hardware. A huge focus for HyperX is on their Revolver and CloudX Headsets as the HyperX Cloud II Pro-Gaming Headset was just launched in 2015.

HyperX headsets - Cloud II

The two upcoming HyperX headsets on display for PAX South are the Cloud Revolver and the Cloud Revolver S. This is HyperX’s baby as it is their first headset to be developed fully in-house by the company (their Cloud II, for example, started as a headset licensed from Qpad). Imagine the Cloud II headset with some extra features and a slight change in design & engineering. Along with the incredibly comfortable 100% memory foam on the headband and with a detachable headset mic, the Cloud Revolver headsets also introduce detachable ear cushions. These headsets boast 7.1 surround sound and noise cancellation with PC, Mac, & PS4 connectivity (as well as Xbox One with an adapter).

HyperX headsets - Cloud Revolver

These headsets not only feel good for hours, but the sound is fantastic. Footsteps behind or in front of you, siren alarms in the distance, bullets whizzing past your ear all sound tremendous and puts you into the environment you’re playing in. And when that bullet whizzes right by your ear, you will hear it travel past you as if it were real life. The video demo at the PAX South HyperX booth showed many games in action, like Call of Duty and other shooters, and the building alarm in the distance could be heard from behind and to the right. This specificity and realism with the sound in these headsets is epic. The in-game explosions booming on either side the player were also very punchy and certainly felt more real than your average headphones would make them sound.

Be looking out for HyperX’s new Cloud Revolver and Cloud Revolver S Headsets later this year when they become available.

Sources: PAX South HyperX interview and official website.

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