Why Do People Play Live Casino Games?

What is a game of chance for a regular person? For some people playing at the casino is their livelihood, for others it’s a irresistible addiction. A lot of people think that playing casino games is a relaxation technique. Majority of players just enjoy live casino games, make money doing it, and have no real issue. Some on the other hand have a serious gambling addiction that makes it hard to walk away.

Why do people get addicted and how best to help them?

Players who are addicted to gambling love playing live casino games online but it’s extremely difficult for them to stop playing and walk away. “Addiction is a medical condition characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.” –Wikipedia. The player may know it’s bad for them, they can’t help themselves, and the addiction drives them to keep playing. Addiction is also regularly associated with rising levels of stress related hormones in the brain like corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH). This effect in the brain is like a drug, creating a high for the player who each time they play live casino online games might make it harder and harder to walk away. How do we help friends or loved ones with serious addiction problems? These are only mere suggestions.

There are several ways to help friends and loved ones stop playing live casino games:

  • Since science points to the fact that rising stress related hormones may be linked to addiction, maybe waiting till after a stressful moment to begin gambling is a good strategy. The gambling no longer becomes the knee jerk reaction to stress or the handicap and is reserved for calm and relaxed fun.
  • Peer pressure and wading down on friends can make them feel more self-conscious about their addiction, stress them out more, and maybe even drive them to do play more. You want to be supportive not judgmental.
  • Some players only play online free games, that in itself even without out the chance of financial loss can be an addiction. While not always the best idea, taking them to a place of real gambling with actual consequences could help shock them back to reality. It could just as well hook them onto a worse form of addiction.

Remember one simple truth, if playing at a live casino online or at a real casino in person the houses interests are the most important (house always wins). They’re concerned about an addiction, and will encourage players (friends and loved ones) to keep on playing. It falls to the individual and his/her support structure to fight the addiction. It’s not the casino’s job to do that. The player has to learn when to walk away and when to keep playing. So, before visiting live casinos online or in person, the player needs to think of why they started playing in the first place. Was it to make money, to help relieve stress and have fun, or did they get hooked and can’t stop themselves?

Of course, there are other ways to relax and relieve stress and these other methods can be achieved without significant financial costs or emotional pain to friends and love ones. The addicted player can go out with friends to dinner and the movies or hop on off to a concert. There are plenty of other ways to funnel stress that doesn’t involve the addiction and can be healthy and supportive.

However, if you are one of lucky ones who has a knack at winning in live casinos online or in person, and who doesn’t have an unhealthy addiction, why not try to win a bit more money? In the end, the choice is yours to make.

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