Five Pixar Artists Form Video Game Studio Steel Wool Games

Five artists working at acclaimed computer animation house Pixar have announced their creation of a video game development studio named Steel Wool Games.

Steel Wool Games consists of co-founders Sequoia Blankenship, Andrew Dayton, Jonathan Hoffman, Joshua Qualtieri and Jason Topolski, who have worked on films such as Brave, The IncrediblesToy Story, and many others, although Pixar is in no way affiliated with the new game development studio.

The debut game from Steel Wool Games will be Flyhunter, which is intended for release later in 2013 and will be published by Ripstone.

Speaking in a press release, co-founder Andrew Dayton said of the development style behind Steel Wool Games: “We have an internal phrase that we use to describe our style: ‘Grimsical’. It’s our fundamental principle as a company. We create worlds that are funny and whimsical but dipped in gritty tones.”

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