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Pixel Ball – Boston FIG Hands-On Preview

(Pixel Ball, ML Studios)
Pixel Ball, ML Studios

Developer – ML Studios
Publisher – ML Studios
Location – Worcester, Massachusetts

What is it?
If Divekick and Super Dodge Ball had a baby, it would be this. A minimalist, competitive dodgeball fighting game, Pixel Ball is a single-screen, 1v1 game in which you must hit your opponent before they hit you. The first person to land a hit on their opponent wins that round and the first to five wins the game. You can choose a variety of different character skins and balls to throw. Each ball has its own unique attribute (like filling a player’s fireball meter faster, for example) and while each character skin is currently cosmetic, they will also each have their own attribute allowing you to mix and match to find whatever best suits your play style.

Pixel Ball

(Pixel Ball, ML Studios)

Why should I care?
Pixel Ball follows the Divekick and Rocket League principal, presenting a familiar concept with easily understood controls that are nuanced enough for improvement among experienced players. The ability to double jump, angle throws and catch incoming balls with precise timing allows matches to last anywhere from a second, to a full minute for skilled players.

When can I play it?
Already greenlit on Steam, it should launch on PC in about 2 to 3 months, with Early Access starting in about a month. The current build is playable on the Pixel Ball website. When it ships, it will include both local and online play and after launch, will be incorporating a 2v2 mode. Depending on how well it’s received by the Steam community, Pixel Ball may eventually come to consoles.

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