Preview: Cloudberry Kingdom Platforming to Wii U on August 1


If you haven’t heard of or seen video of this brand new difficult, almost impossible, and somewhat “sadistic” platformer then your in for an eye opener.  Cloudberry Kingdom, yes that’s the sweet sounding sugary coated named of a best in disguise, was a game carefully crafted by Pwnee Studios and reached fully funded status on Kickstarter on May 28,2012.  The game is a side scrolling platformer filled with spikes, lava, saw blades, lasers, electric orbs, fire ropes (sound familiar?), and a plethora of other nasty and difficult obstacles to traverse through.  It’s like a Super Mario meets 8-bt Mega Man style game and if you have never played a Mega Man game then you should because they are a cakewalk compared to what Cloudberry Kingdom appears to bring to the arena.

The storyline of the game is simple–there’s a princess who needs rescuing, an evil villian Kobbler returns again thanks to some strange orb and the lazy hero named Bob with a golf ball shaped head, five o’clock shadow on his face, clad in green, and donned with a cape comes to save the day.  The graphics are colorful, cartoony, and reminiscent of the game Alien Hominid.  The really cool thing about Cloudberry Kingdom is that each level is generated at random because of the game’s A.I. which can make replay very worthwhile and will test your patience.  There are ten different heroes to unlock with three modes of play which are story, arcade, and free-play.  Arcade mode sports time crises campaign, hero rush, and escalation.  There will also be a level creator type mode.

Cloudberry Kingdom has a four player local multi-player mode and co-op as well.  Kevin Sorbo, famous for his role as Hercules on the t.v. series he made famous makes a voice appearance as heroic Bob.

Cloudberry Kingdom arrives on the Wii U eShop on August 1 and is published by Ubisoft.

{Source: Nintendo}

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