Preview: Mutant Mudds Deluxe North America Bound on June 13

Renegade Kid, hit developer of the original Mutant Mudds for the Nintendo 3DS, is bringing an expanded, more difficult, and muddier experience to the Wii U on June 13.  The original Mutant Mudds featured foreground and background switching which made the experience rich and the game’s surroundings into a much bigger world.  Max, a glasses wearing nerdy type fellow with blonde hair packs a backpack charged with bubbles that he uses to blast away at evil alien mud blobs trying to take over the earth.

The graphics are in a robust 8-bit style, the music is very chippy just like in the good old NES days, and some of the enemies such as a huge rock looking creature with an angry look on its face is akin to a Super Mario Thwomp clone.  There were, however, only 40 levels and weapon choice was very limited but things got a little better when Renegade added Granny mode which allows the player to play as Max’s grandma who can fly and hover even longer with the bubble jetpack and use three power-ups at once.  Granny mode added 20 extra levels that they had to be found within the other levels in the game and could only be reached by Granny.

Fast forward to the Wii U and the upcoming Mutant Mudds Deluxe and there is a wealth of added extras that will put a huge glob of mud in your eye.  Mutant Mudds Deluxe will pack in the original Granny levels, 20 exclusive Wii U levels, new power-ups, and the original 40 levels from the 3DS version.  The 20 new levels are being called “ghost” levels and will be located in an alternate world outside of the one Max plays in.  They will be unlocked as their normal regular world twin is unlocked and the enemies in the ghost levels will be new plus new power-ups will be available.  Another great piece of news is that Mutant Mudds Deluxe can be played using six different control methods.  You can use the Game Pad, Wii U Pro controller, Wii remote, Wii remote plus, Nunchuck combination and Wii Classic controller making it easier for those who are more comfortable with a different play style then the one set in default.

Mutant Mudds will hit the Wii U eShop on June 13 for only $9.99.  Stay tuned for a review in the near future.  In the meantime, check out some of the ghost level game play below.



{Source: Siliconera}

{Source: My Nintendo News}

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