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The Darkest Shades of Grey | Weekly Comics Pull List

This week’s pull list may have been delayed a week, but there were a great many books I read, including Original Sin number six. Though I admittedly despise such tie-ins, this time Marvel delivered. Here we explore just how Spawn series character, Angela, came to be in the Marvel Universe thanks to Original Sin-Thor and Loki – The Tenth Realm #1. You got me Marvel…I’ll bite.


Avengers Undercover # 7:

AU # 7The Avengers’ plan isn’t going so well. Going deep undercover often gets people killed, or in this case, almost killed. Chase got smoked by Deathlocket last issue for beating on her new boyfriend and as a result, he spends this issue in the infirmary. Even Nico’s new super magic couldn’t put this humpty dumpty back together again. We flash over to Captain America who is trying to get Maria Hill to rescue the kids trapped in Zemo’s villain lair. Storming in and doing just that in a sovereign nation raises just a few legal problems for S.H.I.E.L.D. though.

Maybe it’s just as easy as waiting for the bad guys to screw up, then fire all those big guns you have aimed up on them. The issue ends with a look at what happened to Cammi. She’s in a jail cell right across from…Arcade?!?! By Odin’s beard that one’s confusing. Not so much, just another clever ploy by Zemo to make his underlings feel dependent on him. At least that’s my theory.

The issue may have felt like filler, but it boasted character development and revealed Arcade being among the living. Check it out if you have the extra scratch, but otherwise pass, I told you all you really need to know.


Original Sin #6: Who Pulled the Trigger?

Original Sin #6Nick Fury always makes the hard calls. He has for decades. The time has come, however, for the man behind the curtain to step out into the light.  We learn that the Infinity Formula is fading and original Nick has a short time left.  Does anyone else find it odd the “Infinity” Formula doesn’t last forever? We also learn that Uatu the Watcher didn’t seem to like that Nick got himself in the middle of world ending event and meddled in it, never allowing things to simply “take their course.” There isn’t exactly a confession in there, but people may assume that to mean that Nick Fury shot the Watcher.

Aside from a deathbed confession, Nick has something else in mind.  He wants someone to pick up where he left off, but who could be as ruthless and pragmatic as Nick Fury? Frank Castle and Bucky Barnes are the most likely candidates. I’m leaning towards the Winter Soldier.

Meanwhile, the main Avengers team is assaulting Nick’s control Room and they want answers.  Nick naturally has a secret plan still in motion and he won’t let anyone stop him. Armed with an army of LMD’s and both of the Watchers eyes, he marches out to meet them.


Rat Queens 7:

Rat Queens 7

I know far too many people who want exactly zero spoilers for this book. Suffice to say, Weibe and Upchurch amaze as always and I’ll keep this short for the sake of it We learn more about Dee’s past, her religious beliefs and one situation something I find all too relatable.

The issue was a little light on Violet, but the focus was on Dee so I’ll get over it. If you aren’t reading Rat Queens yet…read it. I recommend this book to everyone.


Original Sin-Thor and Loki – The Tenth Realm #1:

Angela O G Sin

Congratulations Odin, it’s a girl! That’s right, Thor has a sister! This issue aims to retcon that into the history of Asgard and the nine…I mean ten realms.  Thor confronts his mother, the all-mother Freyja and despite her protests, Thor demands the truth. The Watcher’s eye sent him a vision about a sister he never knew, a sister Freyja saw die, in an Asgard at war with angels apparently with assassins who don’t like to lose. Odin’s daughter was killed and he was cursed to never see her again. The angels’ queen took the corpse with her, leaving nothing for her parents to bury, and of course, Odin has a mighty rage and the odin force he wields is not to be trifled with. Nay, no one screws with Odin’s family.

Odin proceeds to show those angels who’s boss and seals up the tenth realm and tears it right off the roots of Yggdrasil the World Tree. That’s right: he sealed off a realm and threw it away. Thor knows she lives and vows to find her alive. He seeks out Loki and together they go questing to find the truth. Thor…Will you never learn? Don’t take the trickster god to find truth; it never ends well for anyone.

Thor goes flying off between the realms in search of the fabled tenth realm and together the brothers find the invisible barrier locking away the realm of angels. How does Thor open the door? You guessed it! He hits it with a hammer! Well, not exactly, he hits it with a Levinbolt from his hammer.

The comic closes as they enter the domain of the angel queen and find it full of floating buildings and fish. Yeah, fish riding fish no less. They have saddles, and Angela was raised by angels and grew up riding fish or something.  So far, not feeling like she fits in the Marvel Universe, but I’m hopeful the next four issues will leave me breathless.


Superman Wonder Woman “Doomed” #10:

Supes and WW 10Doomed may be shaping up to be something only DC can deliver. Several alien foes with enough power to destroy planet Earth are currently going unchecked. Can Superman stop them? Maybe not, but Superman with the power of Doomsday is sure going to try.

Meanwhile, Diana squares off with Lois Lane, currently possessed by Brainiac and Cyborg Superman has  a pissing contest with Clark Kent about who should be allowed to wear the “S”. Supes knows Earth is in danger and Cyborg superman and his fleet is in the way. Time to let the monster out to play and hope he can control it. Either way, the death toll will be huge, but maybe Kal-el can curb Doomsday’s enthusiasm.  Next issue could be as ultra violent as we expect it to be, and that’s just the way I like it.


Wolverine “2 Months to Die” #10:

2 Months to Die-cover

At long last, Wolverine is kill-able, but that isn’t nearly as shocking as what happens in this issue however. Logan actually asks for help to stop Sabretooth this time around, and he doesn’t just call in one favor though: He calls in all the favors he has left. Lots of people owe him favors, but who’s coming to the “Lets beat up Sabretooth party?”  Oh no one special: just S.H.I.E.L.D, the X-men, a villain crew including a vampire, and a thunder god by the name of Thor.

And Creed doesn’t even know it. He’s too busy torturing hostages and making them choose who he’s gonna kill. I miss that about villains. Sounds crazy right?  No one should like torture or psychotic behavior, but I think evil for the sake of evil has been missing in comics. Sabretooth embodies that well and his lack of foresight is his downfall.

I can’t wait to see the curveball the writers throw our way as “3…erm…2 months to die” continues. Read this series. It’s really worth the four dollars an issue.


Tell me something readers.  Do prefer your heroes to be “boy scouts” or have a dark side and live in a morally gray area?  Talk about it on our forums!

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