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Review of Pelé: Soccer Legend

Soccer video games are everywhere. Over the past decade, we’ve seen niche trends come and go. For a while, it seemed that the FIFA series was losing favor to free Flash games. Eventually, the award-winning console series rose again to top status. Pelé: Soccer Legend looks to change all of that. Now on Poki, this free soccer game is nearly as good as its namesake.

Even those who don’t watch soccer know of Pelé. A hero of Brazil, Pelé’s legendary records are no myth. He was the best footballer to ever play the sport. Pelé scored more than anyone, won several FIFA championships, and popularized stunning moves. In Pelé: Soccer Legend, you can be just as great.


This game is all about scoring goals. You don’t have to play defense for a single shift. Pelé was a forward, and now you are, too. Pelé: Soccer Legend sends you to the back alleys of Brazil. There, you will train on makeshift goals in empty streets. The overall objective always remains the same: kick the ball in between the goalposts. But, there’s an unlimited number of ways to score.

Each level contains a shooting challenge. You might have to score a certain amount of goals, reach a point total, or hit targets. Regardless of the specific challenge, kicking accuracy is essential. Pelé: Soccer Legend will test your ability to swipe with precision. If you’re playing on a device with a touchscreen, your finger will do the kicking. On a desktop or laptop computer, you will move the mouse to kick. A straight line should result in a straight shot. If you swipe a curved line, Pelé will attempt to kick the ball on an angle. This should curve the shot (i.e. “Bend it like Beckham!”).

Learning how to kick with accuracy and consistency isn’t easy. After all, Pelé had to practice to become the best. In this game, so will you. Each round presents a more difficult scoring situation. Sometimes, kicking the ball straight at the goal is enough to advance. However, that’s not always the case. I found some of the middle levels (e.g. 6 and 7) to be very difficult. During those rounds, you must be clever and skilled enough to score on an entire team of defenders!


There are 20 levels in Pelé: Soccer Legend. But, there are more than 20 ways to win. This isn’t a puzzle game with one solution per level. In reality, you can execute many different types of kicks to score. Every time you line up a shot, you have the chance to innovate like Pelé. For those who need extra assistance, there are five power-ups that make scoring easier. These give you magical powers, like the ability to kick a flaming ball past any obstacle. Power-ups cost coins, but you’ll earn more through each victory.

Pelé: Soccer Legend is a soccer game unlike any other. Its singular control scheme and 3D graphics are a shining example of modern gaming. Head to Brazil and become a superstar.

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