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Saga #16 Recap | So, a Robot With a TV Head Knocks on Your Door

Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples finally catch up to the cliffhanger of Issue 12, just as Prince Robot IV finally rolls into town. However, before that point, this issue treats us to another look into the lives of Upsher and Doff, two reporters we’ve been exposed to the last couple of issues. Although possibly nothing more than a red herring, a major plot point is made apparent during their time with a special agent of the Landfall Coalition. The journalists are going to be in hot water in the near future.

Saga #16 allows the series’ secondary characters a chance to breathe life into the story. Gwendolyn and Lying Cat finally catch up to The Will, only to find him near death after the events of the previous issue. Meanwhile, our main characters spend most of the issue holed up at Mr. Heist’s home, living out what many would consider a normal day for the nuclear family. During this domesticity, we see Alana and Marko debate whether or not to audition for a Jerry Springer type show, demonstrating that even technologically advanced societies desire mindless entertainment. Saga! Saga! Saga!

saga lyinh

Vaughn is masterful as usual in this issue, demonstrating his commitment to his craft. Vaughn makes us care for the characters, as he did with Yorick from Y the Last Man, or the kids from Runaways. We have been accustomed to Vaughn dropping the emotional hammer in his stories, so we are left fearing for the well being of Alana, Marko and Hazel. Vaughn can make grown men cry and I’m pretty sure he grows stronger each time it happens.

saga 43

Fiona Staples has been a joy since the beginning. Her art stands up next to Vaughn’s writing and does not wither. Saga #16, as well as most other issues of Saga, allows Staples’ imagination to reach child-like levels. The character and landscape designs never leave us bored, with this issue giving us green people, winged people, horned people, cycloped people and of course, a robot. But seriously, name one good sci-fi story that doesn’t have at least one robot in it. We can’t, so don’t even bother to google it.

saga 1

Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples have produced one of the best comics out there. This is sci-fi at it’s finest and we are witnessing the workings of a universe with endless possibilities. Here all the threads of the past 4 issues have finally come together and when Prince Robot IV knocks, he is going to be in danger.

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