Salt and Sanctuary Comes to PS Vita on March 28

(Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios)

Salt and Sanctuary, the brutal action RPG from Ska Studios, is finally being released for the PlayStation Vita on March 28. The news came via a PlayStation Blog post, and comes as a surprise to those that have waited for quite some time for the game to hit the Vita. The good news is that the game is cross-buy, so for those that have already bought the game for their PlayStation 4, they will immediately have access to it on their Vita.

Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios

Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios

When Salt and Sanctuary launched a year ago, it was stated to be coming to the PlayStation 4 and the Vita, however the Vita version had been pushed back. Ska Studios is James and Michelle Juett Silva, based out of the Seattle area, and as a small husband and wife team, it’s obviously taken quite a bit of work to be able to come up with two versions of the game. As such, they had a hand in the Vita version, but the portable version was done primarily by Sickhead Games, the team responsible for the console versions of Stardew Valley, Darkest Dungeon and other indie titles.

Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios

Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios

Salt and Sanctuary is an homage to the Dark Souls games, in the form of a 2d sidescroller. Players control an adventurer who is trapped on an island that they have become shipwrecked on. The game uses standard RPG mechanics, such as classes and stat progression. Additionally there are a great deal of items and weapons for players to use as they fight their way off the island. The combat is fast and frenetic, with dodging and parrying being just as important as attacking.

Salt and Sanctuary was a critically acclaimed indie title when it came out a year ago, and it’s great to see Ska Studios finally fulfill the original promise to bring the game to the Vita. Did you play the original, or will you pick it up for the Vita? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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