Scientists at Cambridge University, studying the human brain, came to the conclusion that most gamblers are prone to superstition.

“The human brain – a very complicated device for information, – said Luke Clark, one of the leading psychologists of the University of Cambridge. – Gamblers try to set up their brain on a personal brain-wave of luck.”

Luke dedicated two years of his work to the psychology of gamblers. In his thesis, he concluded that the gamblers specifically try to plunge into the illusion of control over the course of the game, although in reality it is only about luck and mathematical calculation.

Consider all this in a plain example: in the heads-up of the World Series of Poker converged Ryan Riess, who in the end became the champion, and Jay Farber, who finished the poker tournament in second place. According to Jay, his opponent was “incredibly lucky”. But was he really? New world champion Ryan Riess for years successfully played in online casinos and other online casino games with high stakes, whereas Jay Farber’s achievements can be noted only in a few small victories in tournaments in Las Vegas. Of course, fortune might smile upon Riess, but the level of his game, and his background and experience was initially higher than the experience and skill of Farber.

When a player gets on a losing streak, he/she tries to find something to justify his/her losses or make him/her feel “lucky”, which can be an inanimate object, that serves as a “lucky mascot”. In the case of Johnny Chan, he has an orange on the table serving the role as his lucky mascot. Humberto Brenes is well known for having a wind-up toy shark on the table. The psychologists at Cambridge University will be the first to admit that they are still very far off from revealing all the mysteries of the human brain, but, apparently, mascots simply help keep players grounded, allow them to have a sense of control over the game, and let’s them essentially carry “lucky” with them.

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