Spice and Wolf Returns for 10th Anniversary

Holo the wise wolf and her friend Lawrence will be returning to the book scene for the story’s 10th Anniversary.

Crunchyroll has reported plans of the Spice and Wolf series to return after a decade since the light novel series’ first publication. The story takes place in an old European-linked world. Lawrence is 25 years old and travels between towns and countrysides to sell and trade goods. He plans on earning enough money to open up his own store, but one night while staying in a little town, he comes across the 600+ year-old Pagan wolf-deity, Holo. Holo in her girl form looks only 15 years old but retains her tail and ears. In her wolf form, she is a massive and fierce wolf-god. Holo has stayed by the town and blessed the harvest for several years, but now she desires to go back to her home country of Yoitsu. Since Yoitsu is so far away, Holo also wants to see how things have changed in the long span of time she stayed at the small farming community.

Lawrence is completely skeptical of her until she demonstrates her skill with trading to help him earn a bigger profit. Holo isn’t always in her business mode especially when she smells apples (her favorite food) and drinks alcohol. Unfortunately, she begins to draw attention from the Church which opposes pagans and those associated with them. The story is filled with humor, lessons in economics, battles and a bit of romance.

Spice and Wolf / Yen Press

Spice and Wolf / Yen Press


Spice and Wolf originally began as a light novel series written by Isuna Hasekura and illustrated by Ju Ayakura. There light novel series is translated into English and available in North America. The franchise has been extended to a manga adaption by Keito Koume and a small anime series of 12 episodes. The next sequel story will be printed in Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE. The final Spice and Wolf light novel will be released in English on April 19th.

Via Crunchyroll

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