Spirit of Rebellion is Bringing the Fight to Star Wars: Destiny

Spirit of Rebellion is the next expansion for Fantasy Flight Games hit collectible card and dice game, Star Wars: Destiny. The game released back in December and has been a consistent top-seller for the company, as fans have taken to collecting and playing the brilliant card game. Spirit of Rebellion is the first expansion set coming for the game, and brings 160 new cards to the game. It should be noted that there will be no new starter decks, such as the Rey and Kylo Ren starters for the base game. Instead the set will be released solely in booster packs available in gravity feeds.

Star Wars: Destiny, Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars: Destiny, Fantasy Flight Games

The new set features a wide variety of new heroes, villains, upgrades, actions and battlegrounds for players to collect and add to their arsenal. While the cards will feature characters and settings from all of the Star Wars films, a key focus is being placed on the most recent film Rogue One. From some of the cards that have been spoiled so far, we have seen Jyn Erso, Chirrut Emwe, Orson Krennic and some other notable cards. It’s interesting to see cards like Jyn Erso that have more streamlined dice faces, that can lead to more direct strategies versus Krennic who has a variety of abilities that one can roll when using his dice in the game.

There are also some classic heroes and villains that have been spoiled and help players bring the classic light side versus dark side battles to their tabletop. Emperor Palpatine is a powerhouse who appears to be as unstoppable as one may expect. A young Darth Vader, his apprentice, also appears and has the ability to deal direct damage to an opposing character, but his recklessness means that he takes damage from his ability. Not to be outdone, the light side gets Obi-Wan Kenobi, who can still impact the game even if he is defeated.

All in all, Sprit of Rebellion is shaping up to add some great new cards and abilities to Star Wars: Destiny, and should provide players with plenty of new toys to add to their arsenal. Spirit of Rebellion will be available in stores later this spring.

Source: Fantasy Flight Games

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