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What a Tangled Web We Weave | Weekly Comics Pull List

This week, I found my wallet crying for all the twenty issues I got this week. Only the strongest survived, and the case of this list four did, and it’d seem that all those weeks of drought were building to this. That’s the comic industry lately and three big events in particular are inching closer to their conclusions. Regardless of the bumpy roads they took getting here, I’m glad to see them ending. Black Cat finally gets her claws in Spider-Man and Avengers Undercover amps up the action and reveals Zemo’s plan, kind of. Four great issues, four great stories. By all means, don’t miss these.


Amazing Spider-Man # 5:

asm 5

When last we left Pete, he was overcome by a spidery lust. This issue opens with Felicia Hardy collecting more muscle to fight Spider-man, and this time, she picked The Eel, another electricity based thug. Back on a building top Pete and Cindy continue to snog like teenagers. Only when his mask is about to come off does Pete regain his senses. It seems neither one of them really like each other and pheromones seem to be causing this attraction.

Felicia apparently only needed Eel long enough to find a villain meeting, and he’s quickly forgotten once she gets inside. She convinces more of Spider-Man’s foes to join her cause.  “Squash the Spider, Break the Man,” she tells us. Her plan is still vague but, Mr. Negative’s on board.

Back at Pete’s apartment, the spider-duo is back to fooling around…on the ceiling this time…Pete/Ock’s ex-girlfriend walks in on them while intending to remind Peter he has an interview with The Fact Channel later on. Awkward as that might’ve been, Spider-Man’s “girl problems” have just begun. Felicia attacks with all of her new help and only Silk’s there to stop her. Of course, Pete comes to her rescue, but after a fierce battle Felicia comes out on top. Her plan becomes clear now: Reveal Spider-Man’s identity on live television!


Avengers Undercover # 8:

avengers-undercover-vol-1-8-textless-100774These kids in Hopeless’ title have been through hell and back. Now? We find them again three months later. Madame Masque’s been taking Hazmat and Anachronism under her wing, and together, they attack Madripoor (Marvel’s version of Mos Eisley…a hive of scum and villainy, etc.). Several hundred Hand ninjas later, Madame Masque’s gotten the attention of Sabretooth and Mystique, the current owners of Madripoor. She wants them to attract some superheroes to a certain location and raise a little hell. This they gladly accept, leaving us all to wonder just what the plan is.

She, however, decides to confide this plan in her protégés…off panel, and we STILL don’t know exactly what’s going on. Even after secretly alerting the Avengers to the plan hazmat has managed to keep this plan a secret from us. Baron Zemo, of course, knows the heroes are coming and seems pleased. Everything’s going according to his plan and we have plots within plots going on with this issue. Things just keep getting better and better, and we’ll have to see just what kind of web the Avengers are weaving this time around.


Original Sin # 7:

original sin 7Nick Fury’s gone to war with the Marvel Universe, and no, this isn’t a “What-If?” title.  Nick’s unfinished business with the Uatu the Watcher and his moon base, and nothing’s going to stand in his way. Nick now knows all that the Watcher has known and of course he’s liable to use that vault of knowledge to frightening efficiency in combat and undermining our heroes at every turn. On top of all that, he takes Thor’s hammer away with only a whisper.

Iron man’s suit has an override and Fury uses it to send him back to Earth.  The assembled heroes stand no chance. The final showdown on the moon will be next issue.  Other Watchers look on from an unseen position. The finale promises to be big, so much so as to say stay tuned!





wolverine-11-one-month-to-die-coverWolverine # 11 “1 Month to Die”:

This issue is less about Wolverine dying and more about him getting affairs in order. Old man Logan’s always got time to look out for the weak, and after he saves the hostage Creed is about to kill in the nick of time, he takes the good guys aside and starts causing havoc in Sabretooth’s base. Well, that serves mostly to piss off Wolverines toothy enemy, and he decides to take his remaining hostage and run. He has Mystique serve as a distraction while he flees to enact his plot in New York.

Her plan only sort of works and Wolverine sees through the ruse and all the heroes meet up ready to go get Sabretooth. Of course, it all falls apart, and Logan gets separated and trapped in a mall full of ordinary folk. What trickery is this? Guess, we’ll all find out next issue.




Mainstream I’d like to share my experiences with the occasional off issue rather than sequential issues all the time.  What do you all think?  Well readers, sound off.  Let my editors know what you’d like to hear about and never forget to talk about your favorite books on our forums.

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