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Do you have trouble finding the coolest games to play? Sure, there are plenty of lists that highlight the “top” games. More often than not, these lists are influenced by advertisers and payola. It’s time to forget about all of that. The savvy folks (actual gamers) at Poki have curated a list of “cool” games. Their collection is based purely on what’s fresh and interesting today. It’s a growing list of titles that updates with each new trend. Today, we’re bringing you a closer look at the cool side of gaming.

What is Hip?

Like any aspect of pop culture, what we classify as “cool” changes all the time. That’s one of the best parts of Poki’s collection—it reflects what’s cool right here and now, not in the past. At the time of this article, Curvefever.io, Driving Force 3, and Tank Trouble are among the top cool games. None of those games are alike. But, they’re all popular right now and very fun to play.


Regardless of when you read this article, I’m confident you’ll find great games to play in the cool section. The titles might change, but the availability of high-quality titles will not. We had the chance to look at a few snapshots of what games previously topped the cool list, and they were all winners. Agar.io and Papa’s Cheeseria are two examples. Even after they leave the cool category, they’ll remain as fantastic games.

So Many Genres

There’s truly no limit to what genres can classified as “cool.” In fact, genres don’t have to be considered “cool,” because the actual games are what matter. For instance, “restaurant management” probably doesn’t sound very hip to you. But Papa’s Bakeria is one of the coolest games on the Web. Titles can be deceiving, too. Stack is an understated title, but it’s one of the best physics games released this year. With Poki’s collection, we’re exposed to all sorts of different genres and games, including those we might’ve never previously considered.

slither.io on Poki, Play for free


As far as genres go, there are too many here to count. Literally every type of game is eligible for the cool collection (again, it’s about games, not genres). There are cool adventures, puzzles, and racing titles. At any given time, Poki’s assortment could include escape games, point-and-click missions, and trial bike competitions. On top of all of that, there are games based on movies, TV shows, and comic books.

The Whole is Greater Than…

…the sum of its parts, per Aristotle. That uplifting quote rings true for this collection. One could easily argue that the broad range of games within seems disconnected. How is Trollface Quest related to Lego Star Wars? These are cool games, bound together by their fashionable popularity. Thanks to Poki’s collection, players can enjoy the gamut of gaming. One glance at this collection shows that the most unlikely groups of games actually fit together quite well. Be trendy, join the rest of the gaming community, and play the coolest titles out there.

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