Super Mario Travel Bag Collection by LeSportsac Announced

(Super Mario Travel Bag, LeSportsac

Super Mario is a game franchise known throughout practically every portion of the world. Starting out on a simple arcade machine, the series and Nintendo has earned a prominent place in the video game industry. Serious gamers and fans of the Mario Bros. now have a new way to show off their love for the Italian plumbers by sporting the upcoming Super Mario Travel Bag Collection. Nintendo teamed up with LeSportsac to create a wonderfully fun travel bag line.

Super Mario Travel Bag Collection / Nintendo & LeSportsac

With images of Mario, Lugi, Super Star and other Super Mario icons, these bags will be a perfect gift for the fellow gamer in your life. The collection includes totes, accessories and, naturally, backpacks. A few special accessory items will be shaped to match the Nintendo brand beautifully. The GameBoy pouch looks perfect for carrying extra Switch joy-cons.

Super Mario Travel Bag Collection / Nintendo & LeSportsac

One design titled the Power-Up Burst is colorful and loaded with icons of Goombas, Fire Flowers, Super Mushrooms etc.

Super Mario Travel Bag Collection / Nintendo & LeSportsac

A second design features a more old-fashion travel look with the Super Mario icons within luggage tags, postcards and passport stamps.

Nintendo has confirmed that each of the bag styles: GameBoy pouch, Piranha Plant pouch, and Super Mario Bros. cosmetic bag, tote and backpack will each have a Super Mario coin zipper pull. The Super Mario Travel Bag Collection will be first released in Japan by LeSportsac next month. It will be released to the west in the Fall/Holiday season. Let us know which style is your favorite!

Source: Nintendo Press Room

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