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Supergirl #29 Recap | Red Hot Rage!

If the New 52 run of Supergirl has kept one thing consistent above all else, it’s Kara’s ever-increasing frustration and anger. She was angry when she emerged from her pod, angry when she met Superman, pretty much angry all the time. Now the Girl of Steel has finally snapped! Blown her stack! Gone berserk! Heck, if this was a Marvel comic I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned green and Hulked out right about now. We’re not dealing with green though… we’re dealing with red.

It’s finally clear where Kara’s rage was leading her; she was on the road to becoming a Red Lantern. It’s pretty exciting when any character puts on a power ring, but when that character is someone as powerful as Supergirl things get really interesting. Like Shay Veritas says; a Kryptonian with a power ring is an “extinction level threat” and rightly so.

Supergirl #029 (2)

Supergirl #029 (3)

Meet the Next Big Bad

So with that said you might understand why I was a little disappointed with, uhh… Red Supergirl? Super Lantern? Super Angry Girl? — sorry, with Kara’s performance against Silver Banshee. Now I can already hear your counterpoints. “Silver Banshee uses magic!” you say, “Supergirl is blinded by rage!” you point out, and I’m sure we could break it all down statistically Death Battle style. But look, someone with Kryptonian super powers plus the “ultimate weapon” that is a power ring should have wiped the floor with someone like Silver Banshee. Don’t get me wrong, the fight was cool, but I feel like Siobhan got off easy. The fight would have carried more weight if Supergirl had done some damage. Instead of Silver Banshee, Supergirl may as well have been fighting Lobo again. The flashback scenes during the fight helped make it a little more meaningful, though.

A battle wasn’t all we got in this issue mind you. That creepy monster Supergirl and Lobo accidently set free last issue has escaped. Lobo managed to bounce back (again) after getting another beating from Kara, and it looks like he’s going after the “impostor” Lobo again. Something tells me that thread might be pushed aside for a while or picked up in a different DC comic, but we’ll see. Elsewhere in the universe an army of what I can only describe as red lizard-men appear to be conquering planets one after another to find a race that will put up a fight. My best guess is Supergirl will join up with the Red Lantern Corps and these red dino dudes will be their enemy.

Closing Thoughts

  • I guess it’s cool to see Siobhan getting better at controlling the Silver Banshee.
  • Kara’s Red Lantern outfit is pretty bad-ass.
  • I was hoping she would embrace the Red Lantern ring, at least at first, but it looks more like it’s controlling her.
  • I hope we’ll see Kara using the ring more in conjunction with her superpowers. Right now she’s mostly just punching and breathing fire, as opposed to the usual punching and shooting fire from her eyes. It’s just apples and oranges, really.
  • What is that creepy demon monster from The Block? How dangerous is it?

What did you think of the latest issue of Supergirl? Am I right to be a little disappointed with the Supergirl vs. Silver Banshee fight, or am I asking for too much, too quickly?

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