Superhot Review Roundup

Superhot is a first-person shooter indie game developed by Superhot Team. It was born out of a 7 day competition. It then leaped onto Kickstarter and gained rapid success. Check out the launch trailer below to get a better idea of the game:

As usual, game critics and websites all over the web are jotting down their verdicts on Superhot. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve started a new series to gather up all the top reviews and put them in one place. Don’t be surprised if this game gets glowing marks; It’s pretty popular for a Kickstarter game. So without further adou:

BagoGames – 9/10

Superhot is inventive in its gameplay, stripping things back just enough to see the gears work but not enough that it loses the fun factor. When everything clicks and you’re running through a level taking on multiple enemies within a fraction of a second, the game transcends most shooters. Its simplistic aesthetic and minimalist score all work to show just how much the gameplay is all that matters. Dying becomes a double-edged sword because on one hand, you screwed up and died, but on the other, you get to take another stab at having an insanely stylish moment of combat. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than that silver lining in defeat.” – Christopher Cross (Full Review)

Polygon – 9/10

“From its looks to its clever-but-one-note concept, Superhot screamed style over substance the first time I saw it. In its final iteration, though, it perfectly blends style and substance. Its appearance is original, memorable and loud, but its ego never overtakes the bold design principles at the heart of the game.” – Philip Kollar (Full Review)

IGN – 7.5/10

Superhot’s clever time-manipulation idea delivers consistently fulfilling challenges by turning blink-of-an-eye action into carefully considered and cautious tactical decisions. It avoids potential one-hit death frustration with quick respawns and deaths that always feel earned and avoidable in hindsight. Its unique brand of puzzles are complemented by simplistic but helpfully high-contrast art and sound design, yet undermined by a tedious, intrusive story and a reluctance to put new game-changing spins on its ideas to extend their lives.” – Alanah Pearce (Full Review)

Gamespot – 8/10

“After my first hour with Superhot, I wasn’t convinced that it would be as interesting as I initially hoped it would. I thought that I understood it all, but I was so wrong. While the core gameplay didn’t evolve drastically, the story that drives it did, taking me along for a ride that I never saw coming. In doing so, it opened my eyes to possibilities within the game that I never considered. Superhot is a clever game with deep, hidden elements that require committed and thorough examination.” – Peter Brown (Full Review)

Giant Bomb – 4/5

“All told, there’s a few hours of action here before you unlock the endless modes, and those modes may very well keep you coming back for many, many more hours. It’s a bit of a shame that there isn’t slightly more to the core story progression, and the game could be better about surfacing high scores on a leaderboard or other details that might help make the main levels a bit more repeatable on their own. I breezed through that core progression in an afternoon, but enjoyed its little story hooks so much that I immediately started playing through it again to watch it all unfold and see if I missed any little clues about the world of Superhot. It’s a strong action puzzle game with some incredibly tense moments that are certainly worth seeing for yourself.” – Jeff Gerstmann (Full Review)

Destuctoid – 9/10

“The slow-motion combat might not be for everyone, but I found it to be just as exciting as any twitch-based shooter. Being in control of the situation at all times is exhilarating, especially when one wrong step could mean certain death. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to choose each step wisely.” – Ben Davis (Full Review)

EuroGamer – Recommended

“Nice choreography indeed. Superhot‘s too witty and thrilling to be a cold treatise on digital slaughter, and too disturbing and acute to be the mindless blaster that it is so good at subverting. Like Manhunt – another great game I never want to play again – this is that rare piece of charmingly curated violence that dares to provoke difficult thoughts. You may not like where it leads you, but that’s the tricky thing about obedience, isn’t it?” – Christian Dolan (Full Review)

PCGamer – 84/100

“It’s a short campaign, taking me two-to-three hours to complete. Once done, you gain access to a selection of mutator challenge modes. They’re entertaining enough, but I don’t feel the need to spend much time mastering them. For me, the joy was in experiencing each scenario for the first time, for perfecting my choreographed dance of violence. As a set of FPS systems Superhot is smart, stylish and unique—but also a bit shallow. It’s the combination of systems, presentation and plot that makes Superhot something special.” – Phil Savage (Full Review)

PC Invasion – 9/10

“Confident, mechanically tight, absurdly cool, and incredibly stylish, SUPERHOT is the most innovative shooter I’ve played i … no, f***, I really shouldn’t use that phrase. For reasons that will become abundantly clear if you make the wise choice to play it for yourselves.” – Peter Parrish (Full Review)

God is a Geek – 8.5/10

“All of this is because SUPERHOT plays with expectations, and it makes you think about the way shooters work. Sure, it’s not perfect, but every time a replay makes you look like the best FPS player in the world, you’ll feel great and want to go again. SUPERHOT is a short game that you may not remember forever, but it’s sweet and burns brightly while it’s with you. It’s inventive, clever, addictive, fun, and yes I’ll say it again: it’s cool.” – Adam Cook (Full Review)

The Escapist Magazine – 4/5

Superhot is a shining example of how to build a game around a single clever game mechanic. Its story mode is short, but the unlockable Endless and Challenge modes provide plenty of worthwhile reasons to go back for more.” – Michael Saltzman (Full Review)

Kotaku – Pure and enjoyable

Superhot can be very bossy, and has instructed me to tell people that it’s “the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years.” I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s certainly one of the purest and most enjoyable I’ve played in a while. It carries itself with such focused, ruthless poise that spilling any more words on it feels needless. This one’s a winner.” – Kirk Hamilton (Full Review)

Ars Technica –  Short but sweet

“Completionists will no doubt be able to sink many post-story hours into perfecting their time-bending skills, and the expert-level speedruns are going to be marvelous to watch. Even for those who don’t dive into the endgame content, though, Superhot‘s short but sweet running time will stick with you well after you’ve shut the game down for good. Writing these words after an extended play session, in fact, it feels a little odd that my word processor cursor is still blinking while I stop to think of the next word to type. After all, if I’m not moving, shouldn’t the world around me have the decency to take a brief pause, too?” – Kyle Orland (Full Review)

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