Tank Troopers Releasing Tomorrow On Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo developed and published Tank Troopers for their 3DS system and are releasing it tomorrow!

Just in case Nintendo players are hurting for games and want to keep themselves as busy as possible until the Nintendo Switch releases, Tank Troopers may just be the game that is needed. Six players can compete through a wireless connection to battle their tanks to become the victor. Choose a tank, some troopers to help out and you are ready to battle. Choosing a trooper is a delicate matter because each one has their own ability. Some troopers can heal while others are more about aiding with specific offense/defense abilities. There are more than thirty custom tanks waiting to be won. Each of these tanks have their own unique stats attached to them.

If you desire to play single-player mode, you’ll be offered thirty stages with lots of challenges for you to overcome. In single-player mode, the player is offered the choice of their own custom tank or to battle with a provided one. Each one of these have their own crew capacity and statistics. Earn power-ups and coins which can be spent on paint jobs, troopers and of course, tanks! Tank Troopers will be available exclusively through the Nintendo eShop beginning on Thursday, February 16th.

Video Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel

Source: Nintendo Press Room

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