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Who would have thought that as the flame is lit at the Olympic games alongside marathons and a multitude of other exciting sports that video gaming would be included too.

Now don’t laugh or even cringe at the thought, because it is possible and could happen.

For years parent have moaned and yelled at their children “to put down those controllers and get out in the open air, do something productive, make something of yourself.”

Well the fact is that now eSports can actually earn you some serious prize money, endorsements, and actually get you a college scholarship.

Technology has advanced so much over the last few years that gaming and gambling on sites like Schmitts Casino is firmly ingrained as part of our popular culture. Gambling especially has lost its once shady persona and is now one of the favored ways of making a bet online, so it makes a great deal of sense that sports like eGaming should move forward too.

So why not video games at the Olympics?


The Purists will be pleased to here that as yet The International eSports Federation has yet to be recognized by the International Olympic Committee, and no one is petitioning to add eSports to the Olympic games yet……but it IS coming.

In fact the organizers of the Asian Games announced to the world that eSports will be a demonstration event next year taking place in Indonesia and at the 2022 Games in Hangzhou, China where it will have full medal status.

You might look at that statement with wide eyed doubt but it’s true. All the action of crushing it at Call of Duty will soon be able to win you a gold medal in the same way that you would win a 100m sprint, if you are the best of the best, you win.

But again, why should it come as any great surprise as the line between sport and competition became blurred and then erased a long time ago. Once the thought of rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming was laughed at as was curling or speed walking.

The simple fact is times change, they move on, and even if critics says it is not a sport there are many more that point out that exceptional hand/eye co-ordination is required along with fast reactions and focus in order to be at the top of your game (pardon the pun!).

"I'm recommending more video games. I'm worried about his hand eye coordination."

“I’m recommending more video games. I’m worried about his hand eye coordination.” – Doctor Knows Best

eSports is projected to be a $1 billion industry by the year 2019. Even the NBA announced it will start its own e-league, the first of the four major professional leagues to do so.

There is big money to be made and if those interested parties are for keeping the Olympic movement alive then they must attract a younger audience or risk becoming dull or even irrelevant. Let’s face it the Olympic Committee are not stupid, sports like snowboarding, freestyle skiing and BMX racing have already made their way into the games.

Not only is it about medals, endeavor, training and commitment. It’s about money.

What do you think. Should Video Games be included in the Olympics?

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