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Time For Some Monkey Business – Monkey Go Happy Elves

The Christmas holidays have passed and New Years Eve soon knocks on the door. I am personally not ready to say goodbye to Christmas yet, however. How can I prolong the joyful spirit of this wonderful time of year? The answer to that is easy: a Christmas themed game called Monkey Go Happy Elves.

I like making people happy; It should make me just as happy to put smiles on animals faces as well. I have never tried making monkeys happier, however, so a question looms in my mind that I have no answer for yet: what makes monkeys happy? The answer to this can be many things, but elves are apparently one being that can make a miserable monkey a tad more joyful.


The first thing I needed to do in Monkey Go Happy Elves was select a sad monkey. The choice is almost as difficult as selecting your actions in Mass Effect, since all monkeys looks miserable. I select an old monkey and put a funny looking hat on top of his head. I get thrown onto the first stage, and I have to figure out how to make this sad guy as happy as a child on Christmas eve. Without any hesitation, I click the Christmas present in the background and out pops my first elf. I now click the elf, and voila, the monkey is now happy.

The monkey’s happiness doesn’t last for long, however. On the next stage he is just as miserable as he was before. Why is that? What is it that makes these monkeys so sad? No matter how many elves I present to them, I cannot figure out the answer. It kind of bugs me because it feels like the elves are just a temporary fix, and the core problem is something completely different. Maybe they are depressed, or maybe they want candy?


With these questions in mind, I continue to present the monkey with elves. Suddenly, I had reached the final stage. It was the toughest one yet, but after bracing myself I managed to find the final elf. Again, my monkey was dancing around in happiness, and the only thing left to do was to go back to the title screen. This is when I realized that there is no way to make the monkey live happily ever after. The monkeys are doomed to be sad, no matter how many times I try to make them happy. Or is the game not telling me something? Is there a way to get a happy ending to this sad cycle?

I cannot figure out the answer to my previous question, but it does not really matter since Monkey Go Happy Elves is a cute game with some humor and some Christmas flair within. It is a short lived experience for adults, since its puzzles are designed for kids. So whether you look to spend 15 minutes, or if you are a kid who wants to solve some fun puzzles, Monkey Go Happy Elves might be perfect for you.

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