Top 5 Game Series That Need A Movie

The Gang from Borderlands 2 (Gearbox Software, 2K)

Video game movie adaptations are set to be the next big thing. Multiple games have been announced as in development film adaptations, including World of Warcraft, The Last of Us, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Uncharted, and Minecraft. Even Steven Spielberg has been announced to be directing Ready Player One, a book adaptation about a virtual video game world. Here are five more films that should be in a theatre near you sometime soon:

5) Destiny


Destiny Front Cover Art (Bungie, Activision)

Destiny may not have a heavy handed story as of this moment, but there is plenty of room for a film to prosper from its stunning vistas and grandiose concepts. Also, with Destiny being the fastest selling new IP ever, there are a lot of people who know of the franchise.

Bungie recently has appointed a loremaster for the game, so the company has more precedence on the narrative as opposed to before. How about fixing the writing errors in the game with a film which is part of the canon? It could explain the plot holes left in the original. For example, how did the Traveller come to be and what is it? Who are the Fallen? What caused the Earth to be devastated?

Whatever you say about Destiny, you cannot deny the cool factor of the vehicles, the bosses, and the ships included in the game, and they could all be included in a potential movie adaptation.

Bungie, don’t tell us the lore through dull textbook like passages that you can’t even access on the game! Let us know through a movie (or in the game itself through cutscenes). It would be cool to see a flick based on how they found the Traveller, and the struggles between the Guardians and the Fallen for Earth in Destiny’s stunning aesthetic.

4) Borderlands


Claptrap is ready for a film shoot (Borderlands 2, Gearbox Software, 2K)

Pandora, a world of insane whackos, vault hunters, and a crazed leader who has a pet unicorn called Butt Stallion. Set upon such a contrasting world of adventure and hilarity, Borderlands is a fantastic film adaptation waiting to happen.

With R-rated comedies on the rise from the successes of Neighbors, 21 Jump Street, and The Hangover, having the bounty hunters chase the evil but hilarious Handsome Jack would most likely be a successful flick. The funny monologues that Handsome Jack could bring, the huge monsters and robots that the vault hunters could fight, and the personality driven communities in Pandora would make for an  adrenaline filled ride that would make film goers “joy-puke” all over the place. Claptrap can also be the comedic relief. However, if they indeed have a Borderlands movie, the trailers have to include a lot of wub wub.

3) PlayStation All-Stars

PS All Stars - Raiden Vs. Good Cole

Cole and Raiden fighting in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s Intro (Sony Computer Entertainment)

When Ratchet and Clank was announced, I was excited. For the first time, we will get a CG movie of a video game that is highly communicative with its initial creators. The film also has included iterations of the game’s original assets (most likely from the PS3 titles). Then, Sly Cooper was announced, and once again the filmmakers were able to capture the essence of the original game. With Uncharted, inFAMOUS, The Last of Us, and these two other movies on the way, Sony are banking on these properties as movies, so why not bring them altogether into one movie to fight against the Polygon Man and the villains of the PlayStation universe? When Sly Cooper was announced, I asked Brad Foxhoven (the CEO of Blockade Entertainment) on Twitter about whether or not a PlayStation All-Stars film would be possible, and he replied: “Seeing that we already have a few of the characters, it wouldn’t be tough.”

Sure, PlayStation All-Stars is not a household name, but something like this concept would be incredibly cool.

2) Kingdom Hearts


Promo art of Sora and the gang in Radiant Gardens (Kingdom Hearts 2, Square Enix)

The Kingdom Hearts series is the perfect formula of Final Fantasy and Disney. It blends two completely different franchises and mashes them into a universe that shouldn’t make any sense but somehow does. In almost every Disney movie, there is a dark element hidden within. For example: The death of Mufusa in The Lion King, or the march of Wistleton soldiers who are after Elsa in Frozen. On the other side, the Final Fantasy characters are shown in a more comical light within the Kingdom Hearts games, such as Zack Fair trying to be a hero and chatting up Keyblade Master Aqua. Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent and Cinderella have also given a little teaser of what a Kingdom Hearts movie would be like. This recent trend of Disney movies turning into a live action format with Mulan announced recently in addition, is a sign that a live action Kingdom Hearts adaptation could work.

Now, think of how a Kingdom Hearts movie would play out. A boy searching for the girl he loves and his best friend as he goes through many of the worlds Disney fans have grown up with. Sounds like a fun adventure for a film, huh? It would also be a great way to tie in all of the live action Disney films so far into one universe. The villain, Ansem (later known as Xehenort’s heartless), could bring a gravitas to the screen as well. Maleficent could be a heroine in the film instead, and Jafar could take her place. Oh, and I know what you’re thinking; you’re going to say the story is too confusing to be adapted into a film. Well, first the Harry Potter book series is convoluted, but is explained very well in the film.  They can also stick with the first game, which is a much simpler story to follow.

1) Persona 4

Key Art from Persona 4 Golden (Atlus)

Key Art from Persona 4 Golden (Atlus)

There is an anime, multiple spinoffs, and merchandise, but no live action movies of this classic. Persona 4 has some of the most likable characters in gaming, with such a thought-provoking story. Persona 4, for those who have not played it, is an RPG from Atlus which tells the story of high schoolers who get powers from beings known as Persona. In addition, there is an alternate world called the Shadow Realm, which has people who have been kidnapped from the real world and then murdered. It is up to these high schoolers to find out who is the culprit. It would be the perfect blend between Harry Potter (as they also try to solve mysteries) and Ghostbusters with a heavier horror element. All of the elements of a great movie are there: A likable and vibrant cast of characters, a deep story with a lot of consequences, plenty of action, creative creatures to fight, elaborate locations, and a villain you hate. A live action version of Persona 4 (known as just Persona as the title) would be so great! Plus, they have more stories to tell in live action with Persona 3 and Persona 5.  Make it happen, Hollywood! Just don’t kill off you know who like the anime did!

Which game would you like to see adapted into a film and why? Let us know in the comments below!


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