Top 8 Overlooked Xbox 360 Games

Hello everyone, a few weeks ago we took a look at 8 overlooked PS3 games. Now it’s time to examine the overlooked games in the Xbox 360’s catalog. We understand that some of these games are available for the PC via Windows Games and Steam, but we are looking at them under the scope of console exclusives. Either way, these 8 games were overlooked and deserve to be played by anyone with an Xbox 360. Without further adieu, let’s start this list.


#8. Condemned: Criminal Origins


Released in 2005, Condemned: Criminal Origins is a first person survival horror game. The story revolves around SCU agent Ethan Thomas. Throughout his quest to prove his innocence over the murder of two cops, Ethan seeks to put an end to the depraved antics of a serial killer.

Gameplay is varied and violent confrontations are intense. Much of the combat in Condemned is melee based, and each encounter has you fighting for your life. When you’re not bashing someone’s head in, you will be solving puzzles and investigating crime scenes, looking for finger prints, blood samples and more.

Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of the best horror games to be released this gen, but only managed 360,000 in sales. If you can handle a few scares and an interesting mystery, Condemned: Criminal Origins is a very fun ride.

#7. Metro 2033


Metro 2033 is an incredibly atmospheric first person shooter with a relatively simple story. You play as Artyom, and you’re tasked with defending the Metro from mutants, Soviets and Neo-Nazis. You’ll be greeted with moral choices now and again, and your actions may affect the ending. These are quite interesting, but nothing that makes this game stand above the rest. So, what does this game have that makes it worthy of our list?

Similar to Bioshock, the setting is the true star of Metro 2033. The majority of the game takes place in post-apocalyptic Russian metro stations, and these environments are dark. You’ll be left to rely only on a flashlight and night-vision goggles to make sense of your surroundings, and believe it or not, this is one of the nicer places to be. Venturing outside of the metro station will introduce you to the after effects of nuclear war. The air is far too toxic to breath, and you’ll need gas mask filters to survive this hostile landscape.

This high level of immersion can make for a somewhat difficult game at times. There is no HUD system, and you’ll be relying on your compass and your watch for survival. Despite this level of atmosphere, Metro 2033 only managed 440,000 in sales. This game is worth a play for any 360 owner eager to try something new.


#6. Infinite Undiscovery

Overlooked Xbox 360 Games Image 3

Infinite Undiscover is an action JRPG developed by tri-Ace. The story may be a bit samey. How often have we seen an ulikely ragtag group tasked with saving world? But what sets Infinite Undiscovery apart is its fun combat system. Unlike most JRPGs, the combat occurs in real time and plays similarly to Final Fantasy XII. This creates a more seamless game world, as you battles are fast paced and transition easily. The fantasy setting is home to some nice backdrops, and the soundtrack does the JRPG genre proud..

Infinite Undiscovery went on to sell 640,000 copies. If you are a JRPG fan with an Xbox 360 and looking for a game with a fast paced battle system, Infinite Undiscovery is an easy recommendation.


#5. Blue Dragon


What do you get when famed game director Hironobu Sakaguchi, composer Nobuo Uematsu, and artist Akira Toriyama (Dragonball Z) team together? You get the charming and fun Blue Dragon. The story is about five friends traveling the world in order to defeat the evil ruler, all the while using their shadows in battle. The story and gameplay is very traditional—something that JRPG fans have been wanting this generation. For having a trio of talented people working on Blue Dragon, it sold a slightly disappointing 850,000 copies. If you are into old-school JRPGs, Blue Dragon is the game to play.

#4. Prey

Overlooked Xbox 360 Games Image 5

Prey is a sci fi, first person shooter developed by 3D Realms (don’t worry, this game is nothing like Duke Nukem.)

First off, the game puts you in the shoes of a Native American named Tommy. The story starts with you beating up a couple of drunks in his girlfriend’s bar, and quickly turns into an alien abduction. On board the ship, Tommy tries to re-unite with Jen and his grandfather. The shooting is smooth, and the game promotes a bunch of unique features. With the ability to walk in spirit form and solve portal based puzzles, Prey is sci fi fan’s dream. Prey does tell an interesting story, and it has solid gameplay to back it up. The only real complaint is that the enemy A.I. is really lacking.

Prey is an interesting shooter, but it only sold 290,000 copies for the Xbox 360. A sequel is supposedly still in development, but it only looks to be a sequel in name. Here’s to hoping that Prey 2 sees the light of day, and to Tommy’s story being somehow included.

#3. Tales of Vesperia

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The tenth main entry in the long running Tales series, Tales of Vesperia was released in North America and Europe exclusively for the Xbox 360. Sporting a pleasing art style, a fun real-time battle system, likeable characters, and an entertaining story, Tales of Vesperia is one of the best entries in the series. Tales of Vesperia went on to sell 620,000 copies. If you are looking to get into JRPGs, or to play one of the best games released in the genre, Tales of Vesperia is a must play.

#2. Lost Odyssey

 Overlooked Xbox 360 Games Image 7

Speaking of traditional JRPGs, Lost Odyssey is Sakaguchi’s second Xbox 360 game. Lost Odyssey can be described as this generations only true Final Fantasy game. In fact, one of the criticisms that reviewers had was that it was a downright copy of the Final Fantasy series, but I’m sure Sakaguchi is perfectly fine with those opinions.

Sporting a turn-based battle system, an interesting story, and some great looking visuals, Lost Odyssey was destined to be a sure fire hit for fans everywhere. Only it wasn’t. Lost Odyssey managed 830,000 copies in sales, which is a shame. Lost Odyssey is certainly one of the best RPGs to be released this generation.

#1. Deadly Premonition

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Released exclusively for the Xbox 360 in North America and Europe, Deadly Premonition is like no other game out there. Sporting some lackluster graphics, so-bad-it’s-funny voice acting, and an archaic control scheme, Deadly Premonition still manages to be one of the best games released this gen. The characters are all likeable, the humor is top-notch, movie references left and right, and the story is full of mystery and intrigue. The graphics and voice acting just add to the charm of this game, and the controls work just fine once you become accustomed to it.

Deadly Premonition is better than the sum of its parts, and it’s a shame that it managed only 220,000 in sales. There is a rumor of a Director’s Cut coming for the PS3, so hopefully more gamers will get to experience this gem of a game.

Those are the top 8 overlooked games for the Xbox 360. Do you agree or disagree with the list? Is there a game out there that you think deserved to be a spot on the list? Just shout it out in the comments section below! Until next time.

Did we forget to include a game on this list? What was your favorite Xbox 360 game?  Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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