Tracking Down Slot Games with High RTP’s

No matter how attractive or appealing a slot machine may look, how great its theme happens to be, or even it has a decent jackpot or a slew of bonus games and features, in the end only one aspect stands up to the rest and that’s the slots RTP.

RTP simply means return to player. It’s a figure that calculates the percentage of the stakes and wagers you play through on any slot that could be returned to you via the base game or bonus games as payouts.

You will come across many different types of slots in any playing environment, but every single slot will have a certified payout percentage, and the only slots you should be tracking down and playing are those with a payout percentage higher than 96%!

One thing worth noting is that the published slot machine RTP is a long term figure, it is not subject to change often, and as such if you track down a slot with a stated payout percentage of 96% then over the long term that slot is going to payout 96.00 or more for every 100.00 fed into it.

Obviously, each spin is completely random, so you will not get 96.00 returned for every 100.00 played off on any one session, as the payout percentage can fluctuate wildly with each spin or pull of the lever. With some luck however, you can very easily end up winning and winning big, as any spin or single session RTP could bank you well over 100%.

Over time as you play one slot game more and more you will find your wagers and payouts start to balance out and the stakes should even a bit as you begin to make your money back.

If you are wondering where to find some of the best paying slots then play here as this site has plenty of higher paying slots listed and available to play right now!

Where are RTP’s Listed?

It used to be the case that any company that designs and supplies slot games would keep the payout percentages of their slot games a secret, and their reasoning behind doing so was to deter anyone form counterfeiting their games, for once a game counterfeiter knows the RTP they can then easily replicate any slot.

However, as online and mobile casino sites are now required to obtain gambling licenses from different Gambling Commissions and Gaming Authorities they have been required as part of the requirements demanded by those gambling license issuers to make known all of their slot machine payout percentages (win-win for the players).

This is so players can be aware of the risks of playing slots and can then make better informed decisions on just what slots to play based on many different things, one of the most important being how much they can expect in return over the long term on their bets and stakes.

As a player you can now easily look up payout percentages for many different slots directly on the casino sites themselves, as they usually have the RTP’s listed for each slot right on their websites.

If you play some of the best playing slots from Playtech you will find on the game launch screen a little help file button. Click that button to see the RTP’s listed for their games. That way you can see which slots are worth playing due to their long term expected payout percentages.

One company whose slots machines are available online and in some casino’s as well is IGT. IGT designed online and mobile slots have their payout percentages conveniently listed on each slot games pay table.

You may have to scroll a bit through the play table to find which machines have what RTP, but in the end it’s worth it to know which games are worth your time and which ones aren’t. So remember, when thinking slots, think high RTP!

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