The Do-Over Trailer Announces a Memorial Day Release

The Do-Over

I watched The Ridiculous 6 last year because I’m a glutton for punishment and do not value my limited time on this planet. Which is why I know that despite my disdain for Sandler’s last Netflix-exclusive outing, his next one will likely end up in my queue and watched before the end of Memorial Day weekend. The Do-Over has a very brief trailer above to remind you that The Ridiculous 6 exists and that the film will be released on Netflix on May 27, 2016.

The plot for The Do-Over is not very original, but lets take a look at it anyways: A bank manager fakes his own death when a friend from his past returns to take him on an adventure. That sounds like a set up for a bunch of wild antics that mean nothing when strung together, but hopefully that at least means the movie will move forward at a brisk pace.

Adam Sandler is not prone to making these movies without a cast and crew hes worked with before, so expect to see some familiar faces. David Spade can be seen in the trailer, who is an Adam Sandler regular. Based on the plot and trailer, he is probably playing Sandler’s friend that makes him fake his death. There is also Nick Swardson, Matt Walsh, Paula Patton, and Luis Guzman, as well as plenty of others.

Directed by Steve Brill, who previously made some terrible movies (Walk of ShameDrillbit Taylor, and a segment in Movie 43) and some that I actually enjoy (Mr. Deeds and Without a Paddle), chances are this won’t be good. His only times working with Sandler have been relatively successful, though. Mr. Deeds is a movie that began Sandler’s downward trajectory into the worst films of all time, but it was fun. The same can be said about Little Nicky, which also had some laughs.

Unfortunately, the two lead writers are Kevin Barnett and Chris Pappas. I’m not going to throw stones at Pappas because I have not seen the one show IMDB credits him as writing. I will however state that Barnett’s previous work of writing Hall Pass and The Heartbreak Kid is troublesome to say the least.

The Do-Over will probably not be good, but we’ll just have to wait and see when its released on May 27th, 2016.

Source: Netflix YouTube

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